‘Virgin River’ Star Alexandra Breckenridge Jokes That She Gives Out Medical Advice Because She Plays a Nurse on TV

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Alexandra Breckenridge, 41, knows a thing or two about playing a medical professional. The Connecticut native has portrayed a nurse on TV twice—once as Sophie Inman on This Is Us and then again in her current role as Melinda “Mel” Monroe on Virgin River. Now, in a new interview with Daily Blast LIVE, the actress joked that she's played a nurse so much that she’s starting to give out medical advice.

During the interview, co-host Jeff Schroeder asked Breckenridge if she had ever said, “I'm not a nurse, but I play one on TV.” To which the Virgin River star jokingly responded, “Absolutely I've said that line. When I'm giving medical advice that I have no business giving, I'm like, ‘Well, I play a nurse on television, so.’”

This response got a collection of laughs from the hosts of Daily Blast LIVE, who then wanted to know if Breckenridge had ever hoped to pursue a career in medicine.

“No, I'm a little too squeamish I think for real medicine,” she confessed. “I think I would have a hard time if anyone was in pain in front of me. It would be very difficult for me.”

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Despite being a little squeamish in real life, Breckenridge does a convincing job as a nurse on Virgin River. In fact, her character had her hands full in the final episodes of season five, which premiered on Netflix on November 30. In these special “holiday episodes,” (*spoiler alert*) one of the characters, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), finally gives birth to her twins, and Breckenridge's character was there to help her deliver them.

We hope you never stop being our trusty TV nurse, Alexandra.

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