The First Full-Length 'American Horror Story: 1984' Trailer Is Here, and Beware of Mr. Jingles

"You're all going to die," Don Swayze's character says at the end of the trailer for American Horror Story: 1984.

The ninth season of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology is almost here (*cue screams of delight*), and creator Murphy just posted the first full-length trailer for the show, out on September 18 on FX.

In the new trailer, we get a better glimpse at Camp Redwood, and what brings the characters to the seemingly serial killer playground. 

Cody Fern's character, who volunteers as a camp counselor for the newly opened Camp Redwood, takes Emma Roberts, Billy Lourd, Gus Kenworthy and more in his van to the camp, and it looks like they end up hitting someone on the way. When they arrive at camp, they're seated at the infirmary cabin before Leslie Grossman's character comes to show them around. We get a good glimpse of the real-life nightmares to follow: Mr. Jingles, an escapee from a nearby mental hospital, is on the loose. 

Besides the slasher-style killings and a few of the main characters' plot lines, we get a long, hard look at alllll the '80s hairstyles and outfits (and it's glorious).

Watch the trailer above to see for yourself (that is, if you're OK sleeping with the lights on tonight).


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