This Massive 12-Foot-Wide Mattress Is Here to Save Your Marriage

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Do you lose sleep due to snoring spouses splayed in starfish and/or thrashing children jumping into bed with you? (Affirmative.)

Do we have a solution for you, sister. Ace Collection, an online retailer of all things bedding, recently unveiled an absolutely colossal family mattress, clocking in at 144 inches wide (essentially the width of two king-size beds). 

Designed for the controversial yet popular practice of co-sleeping (AKA when a whole fam dorms in one bed together), we can't help but harbor marital fantasies of kissing our partner goodnight, then promptly rolling nine feet away for hours of undisturbed slumber. 

Granted, you'll need a bedroom the size of an airplane hangar and a couple G's in savings (mattress prices start at a cringeworthy $2,750) to make this mattress dream a reality. But can you really put a price tag on the pure bliss of being together, yet apart? 

It's such a beautiful concept, we could cry.

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