9 Things to Bring to Every Job Interview

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You crafted the perfect cover letter and proofread your résumé approximately 39 it’s no surprise that you landed an interview. Now you just have to nail it, and that dream job will be yours. Here, what to bring to make sure you’re totally prepared.

1. A copy of your résumé. This one’s a no-brainer. Just make sure it’s not wrinkled and doesn’t have coffee stains all over it.

2. Directions to the interview. On your phone and offline. You don’t want to rely on Google Maps only to realize your phone doesn’t get reception.

3. Business cards. Nothing says you’re a professional who can network like a well-crafted business card.

4. Contact info. You wouldn’t dream of being late but hey, stuff happens. Make sure you have your interviewer’s phone number and email address on standby in case you need it. (You also don’t want to be frantically searching your emails at reception, trying to figure out whom you’re supposed to be meeting—you never know if this will get reported back to the powers that be.)

5. A list of references. They probably won’t ask for it, but if they do, just think about how prepared and organized you’ll look.

6. Breathmints. You were so anxious about making a good impression that you chugged three cups of coffee on your way. Pop a mint and breathe.

7. Identification. In case the building has security or you need it to complete an application.

8. Pen and notepad. For jotting down notes that you can later reference for your thank-you letter. Tip: Bring more than one pen in case the ink runs out.

9. Questions for the interviewer. And we don’t mean how many vacation days they offer. Try to tailor your questions to the job (“I love the campaign you did with Birchbox. How big was the team that worked on that?) and get a real sense of what it would be like to work there (“What are you hoping this person will accomplish in their first six months?”). You’ve got this.


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