Tipping Is More Important Than Ever This Holiday Season: Here’s How Much to Give Everyone in Your Life

Deck the halls with lots of singles…at least that’s how we feel during the holiday season whenever tipping comes up. But whether you’re tipping your doorman or your hairdresser, it can be tough to assess exactly how much to give. And this year, we’ve got inflation and a looming recession to add to the mix. Don’t stress, we did the math! This tipping guide will help minimize the guessing games (and any end-of-year money awkwardness).

The Expert

Myka Meier is the founder of Beaumont Etiquette and author of Modern Etiquette Made Easy. (She also teaches a range of online etiquette courses and offers etiquette-themed merch.)

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1. Why Tipping Is Extra Important This Year (and Every Year)

“Think of tipping as a thank you for loyalty,” Meier says. “If you can’t afford to be as generous this year, try to prioritize the people in your life that truly go above and beyond to help you.” (Pro tip from Meier: Tipping is usually done in the first three weeks of December so that the recipient can spend the money on what they wish for the holidays.)

2. Here’s How Much to Give Every Single Person on Your List

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Your Nanny
One week’s pay is the norm, but it doesn’t hurt to throw in a handmade gift from your kids. 

Your Regular Date Night Sitter
$30 to $50

Your Daycare Staff
$30 to $50 per person who helps directly with your child.

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Your Barista

Your Dog Walker
$10 to $30

Your Newspaper Carrier
$10 to $20

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The Gift Wrapper at the Mall
$2 to $5 per package.

Your Dry Cleaner
$10 to $30

Your Trash & Recycling Collectors
In many towns, tipping is prohibited. Check your municipality’s website to find out the exact rules. That said, if you pay for a private service, a cash tip—to the tune of $10 to $30—is king.

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The Mailman
$10 to $20. Federal regulations actually prohibit anything higher although many people don’t follow this rule.

Your Landscaper/Gardener
$20 to $30

Your Housekeeper
$50 to $150

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Your Personal Trainer
$10 to $30

Your Mechanic
$10 to $30

Your Building Super
$25 to $100

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Your Christmas Tree Carrier
$5 to $10

Your Doorman
$25 to $100

Your Hairstylist
$20 to $50. If you regularly tip 20 percent every time you get your hair done, this is a thoughtful gesture (that you can tack on top of your regular tip) for your fave stylist.

Note: Per Meier, how much you tip is reflective of where you live. In a larger metropolitan city, tipping will be higher than in a smaller town. These numbers are based on the standard amount for a middle-sized city. If someone goes above and beyond, adjust accordingly.

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