The Best Jobs for People Who Love to Watch TV

Dream come true if you ask us

We’d always thought of watching TV as a hobby-slash-addiction, until we realized that there are actually a bunch of jobs that pay you to binge-watch everything from Arrested Development to Luther. Here, five careers for people who love watching the small screen.

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Netflix Juicer
Dream job alert: juicers watch some of Netflix’s 4,000-plus titles and choose the best still images and short video clips to represent said title to help other users figure out what to watch. They’re paid $10 per film or show, but since they’re technically independent contractors, they aren’t eligible for overtime or health benefits.

Netflix Tagger
Another perfect job for anyone whose idea of fun is watching OITNB and Stranger Things all day. Netflix taggers watch movies and TV shows and identify appropriate tags to help categorize them (think “sports drama” or “action movie with strong female lead”). By tagging the platform’s many titles, they help Netflix provide with genres you might find interesting.

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Entertainment Journalist
No, we’re not talking about standing on red carpets and interviewing celebs. We mean the kind of entertainment journalism where you watch shows and review them for publications like Vulture and A.V. Club. Perfect for people who love TV as much as they love having and sharing opinions.

Clip Researcher
Employed by shows like Ellen and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, clip researchers do just what their title suggests: They find video clips on TV and the Internet that can be re-shown on the programs they work for. In addition to researching clips, they’re also sometimes called upon for more general digging, like finding info on show guests.

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Closed Captionist
Companies like Caption Max hire people to watch videos and create the captions you can choose to see on the bottom of your screen (for the hearing impaired or just when you forget your headphones on a plane).Sometimes using with a stenotype machine, captioners must be able to type a shockingly huge number of words per minute, so brush up on your keyboard skills before applying.

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