The 27 Best Gifts for Coworkers That Will Look Great on a Desk

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With all of the time we spend toiling away at our nine to fives, it’s no surprise that some of our closest friends are also our coworkers. That means that at some point or another, an occasion was always going to arise where you’d need to track down the perfect present for your work wife’s birthday or a fabulous find for your favorite office mate's five-year anniversary. Now that the holidays are almost nigh, there are countless ways to show your appreciation with the best gifts for coworkers around. We did a deep dive of the most desk-worthy offerings on the internet in order to ensure you won’t have any trouble finding what you need, regardless of your shopping criteria.

What Are the Best Gifts for Coworkers?

As with any other gift, the best ones for your colleagues will be thoughtful and come from the heart. Our top picks will not only speak to your giftee’s interests and personalities and work within your budget parameters, they’ll make the rest of the office green with envy when displayed out in the open—yes, even over Zoom! Keep reading for 28 incredible finds they’ll be boasting about for years to come.

The Best Gifts for Coworkers at a Glance

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best gifts for coworkers healing money tree

1. Crocon Gemstone Healing Money Tree

Best For the Crystal Lover

This gemstone healing money tree will not only look fabulous on your coworker’s desk, it’s handmade in India with 300 Chakra gemstones to promote good luck and wealth. Gemstones are thought to be positive energy generators with the ability to heal, aid in meditation, bring peace of mind and improve concentration. Besides, what could be better than a plant that can’t die? This one features stones that represent all seven chakras, but you can choose from more than 40 options.

best gifts for coworkers cell phone stand

2. Coolbros. Elephant Cell Phone Stand And Pen Holder

Best for the Phone Addict

You know that coworker who is always up-to-date on the latest Instagram news? This elephant-shaped cell phone holder, which is made from high-quality resin, is calling their name. Better yet, it will double as a vessel for all their favorite pens, pencils, scissors, paint brushes—you name it!

best gifts for coworkers spinner ball

3. Dblosp Kinetic Spinner Ball

Best for the Super Stressed

These desk toys are made out of aerospace grade aluminum and have a helix-shaped groove milled alongside the whole surface. They spin silently, so your giftee won’t be bothering anyone even if you’re back in the office, and the base is removable to easily access the bearing. The best part, however, is how easy it is to get lost in its rotations, allowing your coworker to give their brains a much-needed midday break.

best gifts for coworkers tabletop fountain

4. Homedics Envirascape Silver Springs Tabletop Fountain

Best for the Meditator

This dual-functional fountain is the perfect little gift to bring a calm into the workspace. The gentle stream replicates the sights and sounds of flowing water found in nature for a quick deskside vacay—even when your work friend is stuck in the office. It has an easy on/off switch and a lighting feature that creates a soft reflection of the water’s surface. It also comes equipped with a built-in pump that will keep it algae-free.

best gifts for coworkers digital photo frame

5. Digital Photo Frame

Best for the Parent Who's Missing Their Kids

This photo frame (which, BT dubs, can also function as an alarm clock or calendar), has multiple slideshow modes and an on/off switch. A 1280 x 800 resolution allows for a decently clear picture, and you can easily hook it up to an SD card or USB drive to adjust your photos. Comparable models retail for twice as much, so we think this is a great value and a great gift for the family man or woman at work.

best gifts for coworkers sun therapy lamp

6. Magicteam Sun Therapy Lamp

Best for the Cold-Weather Coworker

Brighten your coworker’s day—literally—by helping to elevate their vitamin D levels with this sun therapy lamp. Light therapy lamps are known to boost your mood. In fact, a 2009 National Institutes of Health study noted that as few as 20 minutes of exposure daily could ease symptoms of depression. This particular lamp is ideal because it uses 10,000 lux (the recommended amount for effective light therapy) is small, travels well (it can be folded up to put in a backpack or briefcase) and resembles a mirror or picture frame, so as to be discreet.

best gifts for coworkers desk calendar

7. Inspirational Desk Calendar

Best for the Dreamer

We all need words of encouragement to get us through those extra-sluggish Mondays. This inspirational calendar includes one year’s worth of uplifting messages in an evergreen format, so it can be used year after year.

best gifts for coworkers box sign

8. Primitives By Kathy Pawprint Box Sign

Best for the Dog Fanatic

This is a great gift for the coworker who has so many pictures of their dog on their phone that it’s practically become the new office mascot. With a durable wooden build, this sturdy pick will not warm up their workspace, it will show them how much you care about their life away from the desk.

best gifts for coworkers mug warmer

9. Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer

Best for the Java Fiend

Friends don’t let friends drink cold coffee! This coffee mug and warmer set will be a super useful gift for both in-office coworkers and those who are remote, as it can heat their cup of joe up to 158 degrees in a flash (between five to 10 minutes)—and keep it warm thereafter. The mug is made with food-grade stainless steel and there’s a stay-cool handle to boot. The eight-hour safety shut-off even ensures no accidents occur. Did we mention it’s also a heck of a lot more affordable than competing brands?

best gifts for coworkers funny desk sign

10. Boxer Gifts Funny Desk Sign

Best for the Office Hero

When a coworker saves the day by stepping in during a challenging meeting, fixes a troublesome website bug or gives you a heads up that your computer camera is on when you’re still in your jammies, they deserve a thank you—like this fitting desk sign. There’s even a reflective brass plate for quick lipstick touch-ups.

best gifts for coworkers eyeglass holder

11. Nirman Eyeglasses Holder

Best for the Jokester

Gifting someone an artsy wooden sculpture for their desk is already a cool idea, but this handmade one has a useful function, too. It holds eyeglasses or sunglasses to keep them safe and easy to find, while also making for a funny conversation starter.

best gifts for coworkers mini humidifer

12. Cactus Cool Mist Mini Humidifier

Best for the One With Ultra-Dry Skin

Offices are known for having the A/C cranked up in the summer and the heat in the winter—something that creates unduly dry air, and consequently, dry skin. Keep your coworker feeling hydrated and fresh all year long with this cute miniature cactus humidifier, which can be easily hooked up to a USB. It has an automatic four-hour shutoff and is virtually silent while in use.

best gifts for coworkers tea infuser

13. Leaflife Tea Infuser Thermos

For the Tea Junkie

This 100 percent organic and all-natural bamboo tea thermos is both sleek and functional, making it ideal for your tea-loving coworker. According to its manufacturers, it can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours with its vacuum-insulated stainless-steel build, and it even has an included steeper for loose-leaf blends.

best gifts for coworkers keepsake box

14. Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box

Best for Your Office Bestie

This Willow Tree keepsake box is the perfect meaningful gift for your BFF who just so happens to be your coworker, too. Made of hand-painted resin, it has a distinctive Willow Tree theme from artist Susan Lordi and a special hand-carved message for your pal inside: “Forever true, forever friends.”

best gifts for coworkers burts bees kit

15. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Best for the Self-Care Queen

Everybody needs a little midday self care, right? Help bring the spa to work with this Essential Burt’s Bees kit, which includes a body lotion, the classic beeswax lip balm, hand salve and more.

best gifts for coworkers keychain

16. Accoliamber Dog Tag Keychain

Best for the Sentimentalist

If you’re looking to gift your favorite coworker something small to remind them of the difference they’ve made in your life, this dog tag comes in both silver and black and says, “May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are and the difference you make.” It’s also made of stainless steel to ensure that it will last for a good long while.

best gifts for coworkers golf club pen set

17. Golf Club Pen Set

Best for the Golf Enthusiast

On days when your best colleague can’t find a client to hit the green with, they’ll just have to settle for writing up proposals with these golf club pens! Complete with mini golf balls, a flag and gift set, it makes for a fun deskside gift and will be sure to elicit a chuckle or two, too.

best gifts for coworkers paper pad

18. Guajolote Everything Is Fine Pad

Best for the Overworked

You know those work days when all of your work BFF’s Slack messages to you start with “Ugh?” Those will be the perfect days for them to pull out their trusty “Everything is fine.” paper pad, which comes with 50 sheets and has a durable chipboard back.

best gifts for coworkers fidget toy cube

19. Daily Vibrations Fidget Toy Cube

Best for the Nervous Jitterer

Fidget toys are so in right now, and for good reason. Not just a fun game to pass the time, these trusty little games actually reduce anxiety and improve focus in the short-term, according to a 2018 study published in Scientific Reports. Gift your coworker this cool, grown up looking fidget toy to help them de-stress.

best gifts for coworkers the bouqs
The Bouqs Co.

20. The Bouqs Co. Flower Delivery

Best for the Plant Lover

One of the most classic ways to tell someone you care is with a fresh flower delivery. The Bouqs Co. provides farm fresh flower arrangements for all occasions and even offers a 30% discount for subscribers.

best gifts for coworkers cornhole game
Uncommon Goods

21. Scott Shelton Tabletop Cornhole Game

Best for the Gamer

When happy hour strikes, your coworker will love pulling out this tabletop cornhole game and blowing off some Friday steam! This set comes with all the fixings they’ll need to go nuts, including bean bags, an allen wrench for set up and full instructions.

best gifts for coworkers heat pad
Uncommon Goods

22. Claudia Phillips Cherry Pit Microwaveable Heat Pad

Best for the One Who’s Always Cold

If you’re heard your coworker complain about being cold more times than you can count, you’d do well to get them one of these therapeutic heat pillows, which can be microwaved in the office to offer some warmth, and even potential relief from aches and pains. The Michigan orchard cherry pits inside allow for organic insulation, and the hands-sewn patterns are pretty cute, too.

best gifts for coworkers stationary

23. Minted Personalized Stationery

Best for the Office Acquaintance

Personalized stationery is one of those things you’d never think to buy for yourself but would love to receive as a gift. Your office acquaintance will love to write professional “thank you’s” on this fancy, monogrammed paper, which comes two pads to a pack and features a “creamy cotton texture.”

best gifts for coworkers notebook

24. Minted Little Houses Notebook

Best for the Idea Person

If your coworker has too many ideas to contain to any one single meeting, introduce them to this 80-page Minted notebook, which features customizable paper (blank lined or graph) to jot down their every thought. The cover, which was created by the company’s community of independent designers, even has a customizable front that can be emblazoned with your coworker’s name.

best gifts for coworkers mug

25. Rifle Paper Co. Letter Mug

Best for Your Forgetful Friend

A pretty mug makes everything better—including a desk. This option from Rifle Paper Co. is highly rated by Anthropologie customers for its gorgeous garden print and eye-catching gold handle and is available in every letter of the alphabet for a truly personalized pick. That means there will be no mistaking who this mug belongs to when your forgetful colleague inevitably misplaces it by the coffee machine.

best gifts for coworkers supergoop

26. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen With Spf 40

Best for the Colleague Who Has Everything

What do you get the work friend who has everything (including that desk by the window)? A top-rated sunscreen by Supergoop! This one is a staff favorite for its weightless feel, scent-free formula and high SPF 40. Unlike most sunscreens, we’ve even found that it helps your makeup stay put longer, so the office glamazon can enjoy it, too!

best gifts for coworkers lap desk
Bed Bath & Beyond

27. Lapgear Lap Desk

Best for the Remote Worker

In the time of COVID, we’d be remiss to neglect all of those remote workers out there! Upgrade your virtual work bestie from their kitchen counters, home offices, beds or couches with this comfortable lap desk to knock out projects in a flash. It’s got a phone slot and a device ledge to keep their messages where they can see ‘em and a cozy, conforming cushion for the ultimate plushness.

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