Sure, you could just throw ’em into the recycling bin…but wouldn’t you rather put those cardboard cylinders to good use? We’ve got nine clever ways to reuse wrapping-paper tubes around the house. 

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wrapping tube tablecloth

Store Table Linens Wrinkle-Free

Just iron your tablecloth and napkins and wrap them around the tube. They’ll be crease-free and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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Keep Boots Looking New

This works especially well for those trendy over-the-knee boots you just bought. Place a tube in each leg to maintain the shape and avoid creases.

wrapping tube certificate

Protect Important Documents

Roll up diplomas, certificates and awards and then stick them inside the protective cardboard for crumple-resistant attic storage.

wrapping tube needels

Store Knitting Needles

Cut the tube in half and tape off one end for the perfect needle sheath. Bonus: You can wrap extra yarn around the outside.

wrapping tube lights

Keep Christmas Lights from Tangling

Cut a small slit at each end of the tube and secure the cord by sticking it into one of the notches. Wrap the lights around the outside and then secure the cord at the other end.

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wrapping paper tube art

Store Artwork

That landscape your kid painted in the third grade is precious, so preserve it by rolling it up and sticking it inside an old wrapping-paper tube.

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wrapping paper pants

Keep Pants Crease-Free

Cut a tube into thirds and then slice each third open down the side. Fasten the cardboard around a regular hanger and—voilà—no more fold marks on your trousers.

wrapping tube cord

Store Electronics Cords

We know they’re just sitting in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. For easy organization, cut a wrapping-paper tube into smaller cylinders. Fold a cord inside each one and label the tube with the device the cord belongs to. Smart.

wrapping paper tube vacuum

Extend the Reach of Your Vacuum Hose

Affix the tube to the end of your vacuum’s hose attachment to clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Ceiling cobwebs? Not on our watch.

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