11 Genius Cleaning Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

And save your sanity

Nothing beats a clean house, but ugh, why does it have to take so damn long? With the right gadgets, you’ll actually look forward to getting the job done. (Oh, and did we mention it’ll take you half the time?)

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A Dyson Vacuum

There’s no question—the rechargeable cordless V8 Absolute is a game changer.

Dyson ($600)


A Smart Trash Can

Complete with its own sensor so the lid opens automatically with just a wave of your hand.

SimpleHuman ($150)

A Winbot

It’s like a Roomba for your windows. Not kidding.

Ecovacs ($205)

An Awair

This dream device targets and filters out allergy triggers—from dust mites to VOCs—in your home.

Awair ($199)


An Electronics Cleaning Brush

Perfect for small crevices that always feel impossible to de-gunk like in between your keyboard keys…or your earbuds.

OXO ($5)

How to Clean Your Earbuds With a Toothbrush

A Sonic Scrubber

It’s basically an oscillating brush designed to cut right through any buildup, whether it’s on your burners or your bathroom grout.

Sonic Scrubbers ($23)

An Irobot Pool Cleaner

This gadget goes underwater to clean your pool from top to bottom, cutting through any dirt and algae that dares get in its path.

iRobot ($1,000)


A Portable Sanitizing Wand

Simply wave it over anything grimy like your TV remote or children’s toys and a UV light will kill germs and odor-causing bacteria. Not bad.

Verilux ($50)


An Upright Sweep Set

Guys, this dustpan features actual teeth, which means you never have to use your hands to comb dirt out of broom bristles again. Huzzah!

OXO ($25)



Whoa. This at-home system actually cleans and presses all your dry-clean-only clothes.

Swash ($400)


Toto Washlet

OK, so this one is a bit of a splurge, but the self-cleaning toilet seat mists the bowl after every use, so you never have to scrub it again. (But maybe don’t, uh, install it in the living room?)

Toto ($1,400)

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