9 Things PureWow Staffers Don’t Regret Buying in August

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Here’s what PureWow staffers loved this month, from an ingenious workout hack to a car essential and a just-for-fun way to turn your yard into a water park.

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things we dont regret buying this month fan

1.  Battery-Operated Stroller Fan

“I was so fed up with my teeny tiny apartment gym not having any AC or any kind of circulating air, so I bought this stroller fan on a whim hoping I could wrap it around the treadmill, and it worked,” says managing editor Catrina Yohay. “It didn't budge or slip even through really intense sprints, and I can finally finish a run without sweat pouring down my face. Best $30 I've ever spent—I wish I bought it sooner.”

things we dont regret buying this month paint
Home Depot

2. Behr Premium Plus Paint

On a whim, I headed to the paint aisle at Home Depot and bought two gallons of pre-mixed white exterior paint to spend the weekend painting my back yard fence. This Behr Premium Plus is low VOC so it isn’t super smelly, and the formula covered my patchy, yellowing fence in one coat. Now I’m admiring my blazing white fence, and this is the most house-proud I’ve felt all summer.

things we dont regret buying this month cup holder

3. Car Cup Holder Expander

Our food editor’s fave find of the month? “This cup holder expander that fits my 40-ounce Hydro Flask for our car,” says Food Editor Katherine Gillen. “Now I don’t have to listen to it clank on the floor or worry about it threatening to fly through the dashboard. My only regret is that I didn’t buy two.”

things we dont regret buying this month balloons

4.   Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing Neon Water Balloons

Fun-loving VP, news & entertainment Phil Mutz recommends snagging a set of self-sealing water balloons while it’s still summery enough to enjoy them. “It was a truly amazing purchase,” he says of these multi-colored little balloons. They’re attached to a nozzle that screws onto your hose, so you can fill dozens of water balloons at one time, then just shake the whole bunch to have them detach, all tied and ready to toss. Hello, end-of-summer barbecue…

things we dont regret buying this month markers

5. Omy Signature Ultrawashable Felt Markers

“This also might be too family-specific, but I got these bougie markers ($18, eep!). They legit WIPE off my child's hands, surfaces, face, ear (that was this morning) with a single swipe,” says senior director and Royally Obsessed podcast co-host Rachel Bowie. “And the colors are so rich and satisfying! Considering how much marker he gets all over his face, hands and body, they are truly washable and I appreciate it!”

things we dont regret buying this month pjs
Old Navy

6. High-Waisted Thermal Pajama Set

“I found this Old Navy pajama set on TikTok, and I consider it one of the best purchases I've made all year!” says affiliate director Pam Masin. “It's the perfect lightweight, yet not too hot for summer waffle-knit texture, and it comes in so many cute colors. I got the shorts and top for $23. …I would've paid double the price for the quality.”

things we dont regret buying this month socks

7. Brooklinen Socks

“I hate being barefoot, and when my AC is cranked, my feet get super cold and I'm not a huge slipper person,” says commerce editor Olivia Dubyak. She ordered Brooklinen poly-acrylic blend socks “and they're sensationally comfortable. I love the vintage-y look of the marled pattern and color-blocked toe/heel. 11/10 great purchase.”

things we dont regret buying this month cargos

8.  Petite Griff Tapered Fatigue Cargo Pants

Know how petites seem to have to tap out when a style comes along that’s ultra-baggy, in case it looks like they are swimming in their clothes? Now they don’t have to miss out on the cargo pants trend, since Madewell’s iterated a high-waisted cotton version with a 24-inch inseam.

things we dont regret buying this month retainer cleaner

9. M3 Naturals Retainer and Denture Cleaner

Fashion editor Abby Hepworth found a great addition to her oral care regimen with the M3 Naturals Retainer and Denture Cleaner. “This might be too niche BUT I bought these tablets that easily remove stains and clean retainers and OMG, THEY’RE AMAZING,” she says (with a smile).

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