I No Longer Wake Up with Dry, Flaky Skin, Thanks to the Canopy Humidifier

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  • Value: 17/20
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Confession time: I originally wanted to test out the Canopy humidifier because I was so sick of my kids being, well, so sick. After dealing with weeks of runny noses and dry coughs, I figured that adding some moisture in their bedrooms couldn’t hurt. And after some Google searching, I eventually came across the Canopy, a mist-free humidifier that supposedly alleviates cold and flu symptoms. But before testing the new appliance in their bedrooms, I figured I should give it a go in my own bedroom first. You know, to make sure that it wasn’t too aggressive or that it would disturb their sleep. And in my bedroom is where the Canopy has lived for the last two months (sorry, kids).

You see, finally, finally, I wake up every morning with a complexion that, while not quite dewy, at least no longer visibly parched. Because for as long as I can remember, it didn’t matter how much slugging or moisturizing I did before bedtime, I would always wake up with dry, flaky skin, especially in my neck and chin area. But after just one night of using the Canopy, my skin felt much more hydrated. I was hooked. Here’s what to know before adding this clever complexion-boosting into your home.

How Easy Is It to Set Up the Canopy?

Short answer: Very. Long answer: The Canopy only consists of three parts (the tank, the tray and the filter) which makes assembly a piece of cake. To get it up and running, you can choose low, medium, high or auto-mode, a cool feature that provides more mist at night.

What About Cleaning the Canopy?

In terms of cleaning, both the tank and the tray are dishwasher safe. And when it comes to the paper-based filter, the brand recommends replacing it every five to seven weeks and offers a handy humidifier-replacement service ($10 for a new filter every 45 days), so you don’t have to remember to buy a new one. The device also features ​​a light labeled "Filter" on the top that will light up when it's time to buy a new filter, should you forget when you got the last one (guilty).

And How Often Do You Have to Refill It?

The manufacturer says the Canopy can run up to 36 hours, which I’ve pretty much found to be true. I typically fill mine up before bed, let it run all night, turn it off in the morning and then let it run for two more nights after that.

What About the Dreaded Mold?

I have used many humidifiers in my day, and despite promising myself that I’ll be better about regular cleaning, they always turn moldy. And it’s gross. Happily, the Canopy is mold-inhibiting and so far (despite only having cleaned it once in two months…oops), there have been zero signs of gunk. Hurrah! That’s because Canopy humidifiers have anti-mold technology that actually stops mold from growing in the water tank, thanks to embedded UV lights that kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, mold and viruses that typically develop in a water reservoir.

How Humid Does It Get?

If you want to turn your parched, torrid bedroom into a tropical rainforest then this is not the humidifier for you. The Canopy doesn’t emit any visible mist and is really more of a gentle moisture-adder, powerful enough to hydrate my skin but not so strong that it’s misting up the windows. While the brand claims it can hydrate rooms up to 500 square feet, my guess is that this device works best in small rooms. 

Anything Else You Should Know Before Adding to Cart?

There’s the option to add an aroma diffuser that I didn’t try (I’m very sensitive to smells!), but could be a cool feature for those who are into that kind of thing. And in terms of home decor, the Canopy has a small footprint, measuring roughly 10 inches wide, 8 inches tall and 7 inches deep. While is a good thing, because while the humidifier is definitely not an eyesore, it’s not something you’ll likely want to display on your coffee table either.

Bottom Line

With easy-to-clean parts, mold-inhibiting technology and visible results, this is one of the best humidifiers on the market. Small but mighty, the added moisture boosts skin health without being so overpowering that it will leave your bedroom curtains damp and dingy. Now, if only I could part with it to see if it actually helps to alleviate my kids’ cold and flu symptoms…

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