The 8 Best Humidifiers for Babies and Kids

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Dry air can cause a sore throat, itchy skin and cold symptoms that just won’t quit. That’s enough to make anyone wake up grouchy. But if you’re a parent, you know that your kid’s quality of sleep (and morning mood) can really make or break the day. Cover your bases with one of these cool-mist humidifiers and you might not have to spend the next three hours wiping snot from your mini’s nose (maybe). Here, the best humidifiers for your baby or toddler.

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How to Choose a Humidifier for Your Baby or Child

Watching your kid suffer through a cold is rough. And while there isn’t really that much you can do (apart from stock up on Boogie Wipes and offer plenty of cuddles), you want to make them as comfortable as possible. Enter a humidifier that will add moisture to the air, thereby alleviating some of those pesky symptoms. When picking a humidifier for your tiny tot, there are a few factors to consider. Chief among them is how easy the humidifier is to clean and whether it’s a cool-mist version (since your kid could get burned by the steam from a warm-mist one if they get too close). Another thing to keep in mind is how much noise the humidifier emits (you’re trying to ward off crankiness, remember?). Presenting the following eight humidifiers that tick all the boxes plus offer some extra cool features.

best humidifier for baby innogear

1. Best For Falling Asleep: Innogear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

If your child could use a little help nodding off each night, you need a diffuser that gives you choices. This clever pick features an LED night-light that can be set to seven soothing colors. Best of all, the brightness can be adjusted (so your tot won’t be tempted by all the illuminated toys). Parents also praise the auto shut-off feature for eliminating their fear that a sputtering diffuser will ruin their night.

best humidifier for baby crane
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2. Best For Fitting In With Your Nursery Decor: Crane Cool Mist Ultrasonic Hippo Humidifier

This hippo-shaped diffuser is undeniably cute and practical. The folks at Crane says it will keep a room up to 250 square feet at a comfortable humidity level, and parent reviewers report that it delivers on its promise, producing a truly impressive amount of mist. Bonus: The water tank holds a full gallon of water, allowing this puppy to run for up to 14 hours straight.

best humidifier for baby crane ultrasonic
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3. Best For Easy Cleaning: Crane Top-fill Ultrasonic Humidifier

This one isn’t exactly a bargain buy, but parents say it’s worth every penny for the time it saves them on cleaning and maintenance. Reviewers rave about the fact that they can wipe this humidifier clean without moving it to a sink. It’s also free of hard-to-reach crevices that harbor mold, so you don’t have to worry about any stomach-churning surprises when you lift the lid (or any extra chores for you to tackle during “lights-out” time). 

best humidifier for baby crane honeywell

4. Best For Light Sleepers: Honeywell Ultra Quiet Cool Mist Humidifier

This pick gets major points for being remarkably completely silent. Parents appreciate that they are able to adjust the humidity, but they really love that even on the highest setting (for busting baby’s billionth cold of the season) they still can’t hear so much as a hum from this noiseless device.

best humidifier for baby pureguardian1

5. Best For Small Spaces: Pureguardian 14-hour Nursery Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This high-performing product has no fussy filters to clean, and its compact size (eight inches high and four inches wide) means it will fit nicely in even the smallest nursery. Reviewers also say that the long-lasting mist (it can run up to 14 hours) is not too overwhelming, so it won’t turn a cozy nursery into a steam room.

best humidifier for baby air innovations

6. Best For Large Rooms: Air Innovations Ultrasonic Cool Mist Digital Smart Humidifier

Ready to bring out the big guns in your battle against dryness? Go with this Air Innovations model that boasts the ability to humidify an area as large as 500 square feet. The digital display makes mastering the customizable settings a cinch, and reviewers say it works so well that they use it all night to help their peanut sleep and all day to keep their houseplants happy. Win-win.

best humidifier for baby homedics

7. Best For Easy Maintenance: Homedics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Total Comfort Humidifier

Humidifiers are supposed to make life better, so nothing is more annoying than having one that’s a hassle to fill. This top-fill option from HoMedics is parent-approved and user-friendly (no more lugging a device into the bathroom and attempting to fit it underneath the faucet). In other words, you won’t want to throw it against the wall after frantically trying to get it open for a refill at bedtime.

best humidifier for baby perfect aire

8. Best For Travel: Perfect Aire Micro Mist Travel Humidifier

If you’re planning on traveling with your mini, you might need all the help you can get. Keep your kids comfy from the airplane to the hotel room with this portable humidifier that just needs a plastic water bottle to run. Best of all, this compact device is filter-free and low-maintenance, so you can spend more time sightseeing with your family and less time cleaning.

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