The 7 Best Tea Storage Box Containers to Tame Your Unruly Bag Collection

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It’s a universal truth that tea bags can take over your cupboard, and fast. Whether you just had to try We Spill the Tea’s Tropical Pineapple flavor or your local grocery store ran a sale on your favorite green tea brand, if you’re anything like us, you may just find that your cabinets are quite literally overflowing with more bags of this warm beverage than you know what to do with. That’s when you know the time has come for a great tea storage box.

Not only will these little beauties whip your cabinets into shape, they’ll eliminate the need for you to dig through stack upon stack of different brands and flavors to get to your favorite. The best ones will have plenty of space to house your whole collection, allow you easily suss out what you need at a glance and have a sturdy build that you won’t be replacing in a year. If you’re a true tea fanatic, you’ll also want to look for something that’s completely opaque, since sunlight and moisture can damage tea leaves.

What Is a Tea Box?

A tea box is exactly what it sounds like—a box that you can use to store all your favorite brews in a neat and orderly fashion. More importantly, however, you’ll keep them fresher, longer, as glass jars or plastic containers could expose your tea to sunlight that might make it go bad faster.

When Does Tea Expire?

Speaking of going bad, like most everything else, tea definitely deteriorates with age, and at a certain point, you’ll want to remove it from your tea box, since it’s likely to be considered “expired.” There are many factors that contribute to the shelf life of a tea, including the type and how it was stored.

Green teas and light oolongs, for instance, which have the shortest shelf life, should be consumed within four to six months, while white, black and darker oolong teas may taste better having aged a bit—experts recommend drinking these types within two years.

Regardless of what kind you’re looking to store, we’ve hunted down the very best tea storage boxes we could find to help you declutter in a hurry—read on for our top picks.

The Best Tea Boxes at a Glance

tea storage box twinnings

1. Twinnings Sampler Assortment Tea Storage Box 

Best Overall Tea Storage Box

WHAT WE LIKE: You’ll get more than a container when you order this assortment sampler—it comes fully stacked with 80 bags of Twinnings tea in 16 different flavors, like Green Tea Pomegranate and Raspberry and Honeybush Mandarin Orange. What’s more, the MDF box it comes in is largely covered, sans for the attractive carving at the top, to keep your tea at its maximum freshness. Better yet, you'll be able to use the container long after the included tea is gone.

tea storage box laradeco

2. Laradeco Wood Tea Box

Best Wooden Tea Box

WHAT WE LIKE: This gorgeous handmade wooden tea box has it all—style, functionality and an opaque construction that will keep your tea from going bad. With your choice of eight, nine or 12 compartments, you can customize it to fit as many bags as you like, and the partitions are even removable should you have a need to store something larger.

tea storage box mdesign

3. Mdesign Plastic Tea Storage Box 

Best Plastic Tea Box

WHAT WE LIKE: If you’re a heavy tea drinker with no fear that your leaves will go bad before you get your hands on it, this transparent tea box, which is made of durable BPA and chlorine-free shatter-resistant plastic with a steel metal hinge, could be an option. The hinged lid makes it a breeze to grab what you need, while the clear construction makes it easy to see exactly what you need. You can also keep it hidden away in a cabinet or pantry to lessen the risk of sunlight exposure. Each of the six compartments holds about 15 tea bags, and you can stack these units for additional storage.

tea storage box wall mount

4. Wall-mount Tea Storage Box 

Best Hanging Tea Box

WHAT WE LIKE: If you’ve got no room at the inn when it comes to your countertop space, this wall-mount tea storage box, which comes with pre-drilled holes and included hanging accessories, will be an easy way to give yourself a little extra breathing room. The three tiers and 12 compartments are adjustable, ensuring they’ll work for whatever collection you’ve got brewing, and the rack is made from a sustainable bamboo you’ll feel good about purchasing—just sure to keep your shorter shelf life teas, like greens and light oolongs, in the back!

tea storage box mygift

5. Mygift Tea Storage Box 

Best Tea Box With Drawer

WHAT WE LIKE: While we could wax poetic about the charming rustic appeal of this gray wood design or the ample storage it provides (roughly 18 bags for every one of its eight holders), it’s the functioning compartmentalized drawer that’s the real draw here. In it, you can house stirrers for your tea, sugar or Splenda packages, creamer—you name it—making for a full one-stop tea service stop.

tea storage box auldhome

6. Auldhome Farmhouse Tea Storage Box 

Best Tin Tea Storage Box

WHAT WE LIKE: Strong? Check. Dark? Yup. Compact? Indeed. This adorable little tin tea box proves you don’t need a whole lot of room to get your wares in order. It’s small enough to fit next to your tea kettle, yet spacious enough to hold 20 bags within its six compartments.

tea storage box rustic

7. Mygift 5-compartment Tea Storage Box

Best Rustic Tea Box

This simple find will be just the thing to complete your farmhouse chic kitchen with its rustic, weathered finish. It has an easy-lift magnetic lid for easy access to your favorite teas and holds an impressive amount for its slim frame.

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