7 Stress Relieving Indoor Plants to Add to Your Home

You head to yoga, squeeze in mani/pedis and treat yourself to the occasional wine and rom-com action when you need to soothe your stress-filled mind. But did you know that you could be practicing a little extra self-care by simply stocking your home with greenery? These seven miracle plants are scientifically proven to help you chill the heck out.

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mint house plant
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1. Mint

It’s lovely to have mint around for cooking—but this fragrant herb also has serious stress-relieving properties. A study by Wheeling Jesuit University found that sniffing it can actually lower frustration levels and boost alertness.

jasmine house plant
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2. Jasmine

Yes, jasmine is beautiful and lovely to smell. But according to a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, its scent was found to be “as calming as Valium” to the nervous system. (When the scent was released into a cage of mice, they became so chilled out, they all sat quietly in a corner.) Woah.

aloe house plant
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3. Aloe

You already love this plant for soothing your sunburns and moisturizing your skin. But did you know that it also purifies the air of common carcinogens and emits oxygen at nighttime, helping us to sleep better? P.S. In a recent study, it was also found to reduce depression in mice.

lavender houe plant
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4. Lavender

This fragrant, flowering herb has been used medicinally to calm nerves and aid in depression for centuries. (Erm, aromatherapy anyone?) One particularly illuminating study found that the scent of lavender had major effects on lowering pulse rates on nursing students in stressful situations.

snake plant house plant
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5. Snake Plant

According to NASA’s clean air study, this lush-looking plant clears the air of over 107 toxins, and emits tons of oxygen throughout the night. This cocktail can improve your energy levels, ease headaches and quite literally have you breathing easier.

basil house plant
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6. Basil

This—may we mention?—delicious herb contains high amounts of an organic compound called linalool (which is commonly used in aromatherapy). A team of Japanese scientists famously conducted a lab rat study that found that exposure to linalool reduces the activity of hundreds of genes that typically go into overdrive during stressful situations.

areca palm house plant
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7. Areca Palm

This leafy, statement floor plant is also a hard worker It’s proven to remove nasty toxins like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene from the air. As a reminder, breathing purer air (whether awake or asleep) lowers your blood pressure. Say it with us now Ahhhhhhh.

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