11 Stores That Let You Return Anything, No Questions Asked

Even if you've already eaten or worn it

Whoops, those shoes you bought are kinda pinching—and that lipstick you bought to wear to your co-worker’s wedding really didn’t complement your skin tone. Here, 11 places where you can make returns on all kinds of items, no questions asked.

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Receipt required, but all merchandise—from those cute initial mugs to that boho dress you adored in the fitting room but wore only once—can be returned to the store at any time. (FYI, furniture is the only exception.)

Trader Joe's

So the arugula flatbread that looked so yummy turned out to be kinda meh. Even if you ate the whole thing, Trader Joe’s will give you a full refund, as long as you have the original packaging and your receipt.

Bath & Body Works

As part of its 100 percent guarantee, this beauty superstore will let you return anything at any time for a refund—with or without your receipt. Of course, it’s better if you have one, otherwise it’ll refund you the lowest selling price of the item. (Either way, it’s cash back.)

L.l. Bean

It’s the return policy heard 'round the world: This store will take back both new and heavily used items from hiking boots to tents to thermal underwear at any time should the products fail you for any reason. Even better, if you don’t have a receipt, it’ll do you a solid and give you a gift card for the current selling price or replace the item. And if the item is no longer available, they’ll help you find a comparable option.


Hey, it pays to be a member sometimes. Why? Costco will let you return any item at any time without a receipt. NBD, it can look up all your transactions in their system since each one is attached to your account. (The only exception is electronics—you only have 90 days to return those—and diamonds.)

The Body Shop

You were really feeling the Satsuma body mist in-store—sadly, not so much in your bathroom. No problem, the Body Shop accepts returns on all products, new and used, at any time, and you’ll get a full refund as long as you have your receipt.


OK, so CVS issues only full refunds on beauty products—opened or not—but good to know if you decide your eyes would pop a lot more if you had picked up that Cover Girl mascara in black, not brown.

Eddie Bauer

All hail the unconditional lifetime guarantee. Eddie Bauer’s liberal policy allows you to return any item at any time for a full refund. No receipt? You can still get a store credit or make an exchange.


Get this: The department store doesn’t actually have a return policy. Instead, it’d rather have conversations about your dissatisfaction with a product to make sure you leave feeling good about all transactions. The end result? For the most part, it’ll take back any item at any time with or without a receipt. (But a word to the wise: It helps if you’re extra nice.)

Lands' End

You thought you’d wear that bright yellow raincoat forever. But even if you’ve changed your mind seven years later, don’t worry: You can bring it back to Lands’ End for a full refund. (If you lost your receipt, you can still get store credit.)


You’ve got 365 days to make a return at Zappos and shoes have to be in their original condition—or so they say. Customer service is kinda everything to this online retailer, so if your high heels are still giving you blisters after a few months of wear, just give them a call and talk it out. Chances are, there’s a full refund coming your way.

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