10 Random but Useful Gardening Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Kneeling, digging, lifting and chopping—caring for greenery takes work. Perhaps you already have gloves, pruners, shovels and a hand trowel (aka the essentials). But beyond the basics, there’s an entire world of tools and accessories that make gardening easier. We’re talking everything from foldable potting benches to memory foam kneelers. Read on for ten of the most useful gardening tools that you didn’t know you needed. You’re welcome.

New to Gardening? Here Are 10 Must-Have Tools to Get Started

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1. Hori Hori Garden Knife

Once you go Hori Hori, you don’t go back. The knife was first implemented in Japan (“hori” means “dig” in Japanese) for weeding, seed planting, root-cutting, transplanting, digging, sawing, removing plants from pots and so much more. With a dual-purpose blade—one side serrated, the other sharp serrated edges—as well as graduation marks for depth measurement, this multi-functional tool makes planting bulbs, dividing perennials and digging out weeds a piece of cake (or in this case, kale).

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2. Garden Clogs

British footwear company Hunter designed these shoes to withstand the elements while offering non-slip support. They have a high-traction sole, cushy rubber construction and a moisture-resistant neoprene lining. And even though they’re clogs, the high back prevents water from seeping in (kind of like a rainboot but, ya know, without having to wear actual rainboots). You can slide them on when you’re dealing with soil, water or weeds and slip them off when you come inside so you don’t track dirt.

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3. Haws Brass Watering Wand

Made of solid, rust-proof brass, this watering wand boasts a timeless, vintage-inspired look that can totally double as backyard decor. But it might be our favorite on the list for its practical design, which connects the wand to your hose pipe so you can use it as a handheld shower (for your blooms, of course). ​​The water flow is controlled by an on/off valve at the end of the 24-inch shaft, and the oval spray nozzle can be adjusted depending on how delicate your plants are.

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4. Memory Foam Knee Pads

One look at these knee pads and we can almost hear ourselves murmuring, Ahh, that’s better. Made with shock-absorbing EVA foam and memory foam, the cushion of each pad is designed to offer moldable support that’s easy on the knees (without flattening entirely). The exterior is constructed with waterproof neoprene—so they dry quickly and easily wipe clean—and they have adjustable Velcro closures with built-in handles that make for easy hanging and toting.

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Garrett Wade

5. Grampa's Weeder

Another highly rated and reviewed pain-relief product, this 39-inch weeder was designed to eliminate the pain from all the hunching over and hand pulling that comes with weed removal. Simply position the tool’s two gripping prongs over the weed, press into the ground, and lean the handle in the direction of the foot lever. Out comes the weed—root and all—and you barely have to lift a finger.

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William Sonoma

6. Agrarian Tool Basket

If you’re constantly misplacing tools while you work, you could probably use a little organization. This basket does just that, providing a place for miscellaneous tools with pockets and hand ties for easy storage. It's handcrafted from durable, lightweight rattan and the machine-washable canvas liner fastens with Velcro for easy removal. And don’t even get us started on its French-country-inspired design.

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7. Canvas Carry-all Garden Stool

Another tool organizer, but this one converts into a foldable chair so you can sit as you prune. Two gadgets, one device. The carrying case features spacious side compartments for easy tool access, and the bag is totally removable from the stool with press-snap studs.

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8. Foldable Potting Bench

Don’t be fooled. This potting bench doubles as an outdoor buffet table and folds up flat for easy storage. Still, the two-tier design offers ample workspace with plenty of room for storage, including a hanging bar to sling your tools on for easy access. FWIW, this natural stain would look even better with a fresh coat of white spray paint (did someone say backyard DIY?).

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Uncommon Goods

9. Gardener's Harvest Basket

We love this simple yet practical garden trug. You can toss in your muddy produce while you harvest and hose everything down before you go inside. The 16-quart capacity can hold up to 20-pounds, and its sturdy pine, wire and hardwood construction is also great for storing tools.

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10. Franklin Self Watering Planter

For one customer, this self-watering pot was a saving grace for her neglected begonia: “The reality of having a large plant collection and working a full-time job means sometimes some plants get overseen and forgotten about when it comes to basic routine care. Ever since repotting into the Franklin self-watering pot, my begonia has been extremely happy. No more crispy leaves and bare stalks as the pot keeps it well hydrated—all I have to do is refill the reservoir every couple of weeks. The self-watering pots are not only great if you have a lot of plants and need a little extra help with watering but for also those who like to travel [without returning home] to sad plants.”

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