31 Little Ways to Clean Your Home in 1 Minute or Less

The hardest part about cleaning is making the time for it, right? Wrong. We’re here to share the gospel of one-minute cleaning. With 60 seconds or less, you can knock off any of these 31 seemingly daunting tasks below. Trust: You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in just a few days' time. (Or 31 minutes, for all you overachievers.)

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1. Hang up a coat

While you’re at it, straighten up the coat pegs.

2. Read unopened mail

Then promptly chuck it.

3. Tidy up the foyer

Line boots in a row and sweep dirt out the door.

4. Shake out your welcome mat

'Cause you know that dirt will get tracked back inside.

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5. Wipe down the bathroom mirror

Congealed toothpaste is not aesthetically pleasing.

6. Scrub the toilet bowl

Toilet brushes are your friends.

7. Empty out your purse

junk Or maybe your coat pockets.

8. Pick off dead plant leaves

Instant pick-me-up.

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9. Rub out fingerprint marks on appliances

The fatal flaw of stainless steel.

10. Swap in fresh dish towels

Bonus points: drape them, Joanna Gaines-style, over the sink.

11. Wash the coffeepot

It’s about damn time.

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12. Switch out bath towels

They’re definitely starting to smell like mildew.

13. Empty the lint trap

One less thing to worry about next time you load the dryer.

14. Lint-roll your lampshades

Begone, dust bunnies!

15. Refold a messy drawer of clothing

Paging Marie Kondo.

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16. Fluff your pillows

We’re big fans of the karate chop trick.

17. Fold up throw blankets

And place the stack somewhere neat and tidy.

18. Polish doorknobs

And they’ll look like new.

19. Dust a ceiling fan

Trust: The pillowcase solution works every time.

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20. Clean your silverware tray

We’ll honestly never understand why it gets so grimy.

21. Dump out toaster crumbs

Crumb apocalypse in there? Try cleaning out with a pastry brush.

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22. Wipe grease off your stove knobs

Admit it: Yours are disgusting AF.

23. Line the bottom of the stove with aluminum foil

No more messy, smoky spills.

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24. Wipe down your surfaces

Spritz, spritz, swoosh.

25. Gather cups and plates from around the house

Seriously, what’s with men leaving water glasses everywhere?

26. Unload the dishwasher

And pop in anything waiting patiently in the sink.

27. Consolidate your kitchen essentials

You don’t need two half-empty Ziploc bag boxes.

28. Do a quick sweep of the fridge

Toss anything old-looking or expired.

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29. Clean light switches with a disinfecting wipe

Sayonara, smudgy fingerprints.

30. ...Now your remote controls

Fun fact: They’re filthy.

31. Make the bed

It’s all about building better habits!


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