Neon Signs Are Trending—Here Are the 7 Rules of Decorating with Them in 2022

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Forget everything you assume about hanging neon signs in your room—they have come a long way from the days of kitschy repurposed commercial signs and clinical bathroom fixtures. These days, they’re showing up as accents in homes both traditional and contemporary. Plus, they’ve gotten more affordable, since they can be made of gas-filled tubes that contain glowing argon gas (traditional neon) or LED tubes that are less expensive and fragile.

According to Birddog Lighting, a Bozeman, Montana-based lighting specialist, neon lights use about 50 percent less energy than other types of bulbs and will last for over 10 years if they are maintained correctly. (Compare that with traditional lightbulbs, which may only last a few years to a month.)

Today’s neon ranges from sophisticated to romantic, and can accent walls, bathrooms or bulletin board. Here’s how to get a little bit of neon in your own home.

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neon signs for room cloud
Urban Outfitters

1. consider Soft Minimalism

Cloud Neon Sign

In a cool white, an abstract cloud pattern skews more sleepy than sensationalist.

neon signs for room rod

2. think Beyond The Wall

Hay Neon Tube LED

These LED tubes come in small, medium and large (and a range of hues) and look like a neon tube, but are tough enough to lean against a wall, transforming an awkward corner into a cool design element.

neon signs for room geometric
Urban Outfitters

3. embrace Musical Synchronization

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons Smarter Modular Lighting Set

Glowing lights cycle through whatever colors you set on this flexible wall décor when they’re connected via WiFi. Oh, and they sync their transitions to whatever music you’ve got playing.

best neon for room faucet
Urban Outfitters

4. add A Small Neon Surprise

Brilliant Ideas LED Faucet Light

When you turn on the tap, a series of yellow, blue and pink lights elevate everyday hand-washing into a performance art piece.

neon signs for room letter

5. personalize Your Night Light

Trinx LED Novelty Neon Sign

At 8.66 inches, the first letter of your name makes a great night light that can be rested on a dresser in a child’s room or hung along on a hallway.

neon signs for room gallery wall

6. jazz Up A Gallery Wall

LED Neon Signs

Mix a cute neon symbol into your elements on a cork board or a gallery wall to add a pop of light and color.

neon for room romantic

7. sentimental, But Make It Neon

NeonArtists Custom Initials Heart

An acrylic backdrop makes this customized wall hanging extra-study, and it can’t be beat for being the sweetest commemoration of an anniversary.

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