Nate Berkus Just Told Us How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe For Your Home in 5 Simple Steps

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There are some things in the fashion world that we could definitely do without (read: wedge sneakers). BUT, if there’s one trend we’ll cling to with the jaws of life, it’s the creating of a capsule wardrobe. For those who don’t know, a capsule wardrobe consists of a set number of pieces that can easily be mixed and matched, so theoretically, you could reach into your closet blindfolded, pick different items out and they’re guaranteed to match regardless of what you’ve selected. So now, after years of perfecting his capsule wardrobe in the closet, celebrity designer Nate Berkus is translating the hack into his home. 

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For those who don’t know, the celeb’s new line, Nate Home, launched today—and in an exclusive interview he told us, “When I first sat down [with mDesign] I said, ‘I want this entire collection to be your favorite T-shirt, your favorite pair of jeans…the basics.’” So much so, that he gave us the nitty gritty on *exactly* how to create a capsule wardrobe for your home in five easy steps. 

Below, find everything you need to know, plus every item you need to bring your capsule wardrobe (home edition) together. 

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Nate Home/mDesign

1. One All-Season Duvet Cover

The first step to building your bedding collection is treating your duvet/comforter like “your favorite denim,” Berkus tells us. Meaning, you want to think about your duvet like a pair of jeans that goes with just about anything (no matter what the season). “I absolutely loathe trends,” he adds. “I always err on the side of classic, where [the duvet should provide a] foundation that always looks good no matter what [it’s paired with] or  [what season] it is.” Translation? You want to choose a solid-hued, high-quality duvet—that uses materials like cotton, linen or bamboo—and plays off of the ‘basic’ idea with a neutral color (i.e, white, grey, charcoal or taupe). 

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2. Two Cotton Sheet Sets 

“You'd have two belts, one brown and one black," he tells us, so apply that same logic to your linens. You want to look for two high-quality, cotton sheet sets (maybe one in white, one in grey) that’ll complement any bedding essential you pair with it.

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Jenni Kayne

3. A 6-Piece Pillow & Throw Collection

“This would be your [finishing touches],” says Berkus. “You'd have [a jean jacket] in black, cream and blue. You'd have a great overcoat, a cashmere V-neck sweater, a cashmere crewneck sweater and maybe a cable knit sweater…and then that’s it, you're done.” So, pulling from the same school of thought, you want your finishing touches to align with the same categories: 1) two to three textured throw pillows that you can mix and match, 2) a statement-making, oversized blanket (that’ll last for years to come) and two decorative accessories (like a cashmere throw or cable-knit pillow) that can move from the corner of a sofa to the nook of a bed. 

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Nate Home/mDesign

4. Two+ Towel Sets

Basically, your towels are the “basic T-shirt of your home,” per Berkus. So, depending on the size of your family, you want to pick up a few, six-piece sets (which include hand towels, washcloths and bath towels). “Look for sets you can mix and match a la carte,” he continues. "I’m thinking about it like my pocket tees, where I’m grabbing a set in gray, white and black—maybe blue,” he adds.

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Lulu and Georgia

5. Three Pieces of Functional/Meaningful Decor

Once you have your bath and bedding figured out, you want to choose three pieces of decor that you won’t get sick of over time. “Think about it like your shoes,” he says. “You'd have your best running shoes, you'd have your best slip on shoes and you'd have your best like dress shoe.” So, for your ‘running shoes,' you want to invest in something functional (like glass plates, which you can hang on the wall as Erik Kenneth Staalberg did above). Then, for the 'slip-on shoes,' you want to focus on comfort and nostalgia (think: baroque photo frames, retro coffee table books or vintage artwork). And finally, you want a ‘dress shoe’ decor that’ll make a statement (like show-stopping lighting or oversized, decorative candles that can be repurposed as a vase). “Have your eye land on something that evokes some sort of pleasant memory, place, trip or experience and let your [history] guide the decor from there,” he explains. 

The goal: Spark a conversation that tells part of your story and reflects who you are.

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