The Best and Worst Fashion Trends from Every Decade Since the 1950s

Much like history, fashion is bound to repeat itself. And while we love a good comeback story, some trends are best left in the past (we’re looking at you, tube tops). Here are all the styles from the past 70 years that we’d gladly wear again, as well as those we’d rather not revisit.

The Best (and Worst) Beauty Trends From Every Decade

joan collins wearing skinny jeans in 1955
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

1950s’ Best: Skinny Jeans

Oh, you didn’t know? Your favorite denim style is actually almost 70 years old.

marylin monroe wearing a bullet bra in the 50s
Evening Standard/Getty Images

1950s’ Worst: Bullet Brassieres

We’re not sure who decided that breasts should resemble warheads, but we’re definitely not on board with it. (Unless you’re Madonna, of course.)

a row of young women wearing mini skirts in the 60s
Chris Ware/Getty Images

1960s’ Best: Miniskirts

The new BFF of petite ladies everywhere. Or anyone hoping to show off their stems, actually.

a couple wearing space age clothes in the 60s
Keystone/Getty Images

1960s’ Worst: Space-age Fashion

Look, we love a good metallic as much as the next girl. But you should always be able to tell the difference between a belt and a toaster.

cybill shepherd wearing a dvf wrap dress in the movie taxi driver
Columbia Pictures

1970s’ Best: Wrap Dresses

Universally flattering, easy to wear and comfortable to boot—DVF really knocked it out of the park with this one.

ginger rogers and bob hope wearing plaid in 1978
NBC/getty images

1970s’ Worst: Head To Toe Plaid

Followed swiftly by tube tops, crocheted swimwear and roller-Disco rompers.

princess diana wears statement earrings in 1989
Georges De Keerle/getty images

1980s’ Best: Statement Earrings

The bigger the better, in our opinion.

a woman wearing oversize shoulder pads in the 80s
Harry Langdon/Getty Images

1980s’ Worst: Padded Shoulders

We’re not just talking about blazers with a bit of structure. We’re talking full-on linebacker levels of padding.

kate moss models a versace slip dress in the 90s
Dave Benett/Getty Images

1990s’ Best: Slip Dresses

They’re simple, elegant and having a major comeback right now.

candice swanepoel wears a shrunken sweater from the 90s
Neil Mockford/Getty Images

1990s’ Worst: Shrunken Sweaters And Baby Doll Tees

Maybe leave anything with the word "baby" in its name to actual babies, OK?

kate moss poses in an ad campaign for stella mccartney h and m collection

2000s’ Best: The Rise Of Fast Fashion

H&M, Zara and Forever 21: Thank you for your service.

alessandra ambrosio wearing low rise jeans in the year 2000
J.Countess/Getty Images

2000s’ Worst: Low-rise Jeans

Don’t even get us started on the whale tail trend that followed.

joan smalls models a peplum top by jason wu in 2012
Victor Virgle/Getty Images

2010s’ Best: Peplum Silhouettes

The easiest way to fake an hourglass shape, even if you’re wearing pants.

young woman wearing wedge sneakers at milan fashion week 2013
Greg Kessler

2010s’ Worst: Wedge Sneakers

Neither functional nor fashionable. We’ll stick with our classic Keds, thank you very much. 



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