The 21 Most Viral Products of 2021 to Gift to Your Trendiest Friends

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Crowd-sourcing, thy name is TikTok. And Instagram. Before something comes up on your radar, no matter how much you follow the news, chances are there’s a group of the one billion-plus TikTok and Instagram users who have discovered the best, the latest, the coolest (or at the very least, the oddest) items to wear, make, install or vibe on. We scrolled through everything from #gardeningtiktok to sexual wellness to find the best, most giftable items. Here, 21 of the trendiest products circulating the web for all your cool friends, coworkers and siblings.

The 6 Rules for Wearing a Sweater in 2021

most viral products of 2021 sherpa

1. vuori Women’s Alpine Sherpa Jacket

Our reviewer was prompted to try out this athleisure brand after she noticed that her Insta feed was filled with influencers working out—as well as kicking back—in the sweats and leggings. Gifting a cozy jacket will be one of your warmest gestures all season.

most viral products of 2021 bath jets

2. Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa

Your giftee just pops this baby over the side of the tub, plugs it in and voila—they’ve got a home spa experience right out of #bathtok.

most viral products of 2021 olla

3. olla Watering Pot

Your favorite gardener will appreciate this ingenious traditional irrigation tool that gets buried near plants, then filled up with water periodically to more efficiently water plants right at the root. What’s more, your green thumb giftee will be fascinated when you introduce them to #gardeningtiktok for more tips.

most viral products of 2021 blendjet

4. blendjet2

This portable blender will thrill anyone on your list who is on-the-go but wants to maintain healthy eating habits. Users fill it with layers of juice, ice, fruit and protein powder, then blend it right before enjoying. And since it comes in 29 different colors and patterns, it’s that much more appealing to use.

most viral products of 2021 moon lamp1

5. vgazer Levitating Moon Lamp

As TikTokers the world over are proving, you’re never too old for a moon lamp—especially one that floats. Mimicking the shape and pattern of everyone's favorite natural satellite, this pick glows in three different hues (warm yellow, white or gradient) and can even spin for a more sophisticated nightlight. You can also remove the ball from its perch, which TikTokers love to do to take artsy photos.

most viral products of 2021 rose vibrator

6.. Magguta Rose With 10 Gears

This sex toy is buzzing all over TikTok and, because it’s waterproof, your giftee can use it for an even more profound home spa experience.

most viral products of 2021 polaroid

7. Polaroid Pop Wireless

This little camera lets users snap and print photos instantly, as well as print photos from their phone, tablet or computer. You can also add borders or write on the image before it’s printed. Plus, the printer paper only averages a $1 per 3.5-by-4.25-inch print. This is the perfect gift to commemorate together times like parties, holidays or just meeting for drinks IRL.

most viral products of 2021 mop

8. O-cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System

This mopping innovation would make a really funny gag gift for your S.O. that never so much as loads the dishwasher. Then after they’ve expressed their fake pleasure, you can whip out the real present they want, and you can enjoy some me time with this baby, like you’ve seen on #cleanigntiktok.

most viral products of 2021 aztec clay

9. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This jar of dirt will appeal to beauty insiders who like their clean beauty products with a side of architectural danger (as in, don’t pour this down the drain or you might get clogs, according to our reviewer). Clear skin or clogged drain, this mask has tons of great reviews for giving glowing skin from Amazon buyers to Mindy Kaling.

most viral products of 2021 travel organizer

10. Stow-n-go Small Travel Luggage Organizer

This hanging packing cube has wowed TikTok users with how easy it makes packing and unpacking, since you’re basically just rolling clothes into it then hanging the whole organizer in the closet at your destination.

most viral products of 2021 boots

11. Steve Madden Howler Bootie

Boots are an ongoing online obsession, and this year shoppers have pushed this lighter-toned, lug sole bootie into the Must Have category for trendy dressers. Bonus: These are so walkable.

most viral products of 2021 revlon brush

12. Revlon One-step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

Before the Revlon One Step was universally known as the internet’s favorite hair dryer brush, it was a mind-blowing Gen Z discovery on TikTok. This easy-to-use hair tool transforms naturally curly ringlets into a salon-style blowout in mere minutes with its innovative ionic technology, which is meant to condition and smooth as the hot air blows through the brush's bristles—and then we tried it ourselves. The verdict? Add. To. Cart.

most viral products of 2021 solawave

13. Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand

The red light technology, microcurrent, massage and warming functions of this skincare device lift are loved by TikTokkers for reducing fine lines, toning skin and helping skincare products slurp right into the skin.

most viral products of 2021 diffuser

14. Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser With Essential Oils Set

Diffusers are one of today’s trendiest home wellness items, adding delicate aromatherapy in a quiet and consistent manner. This diffuser has multiple mist modes, has an easy-to-clean 16-hour tank and can be set to cycle between seven colors or stay on one glowing hue. (And your giftee will appreciate the starter set of lemongrass, sweet orange, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree extracts.)

most viral products of 2021 ear seeds

15. Wthn Ear Seed Kit

Chinese medicine teaches that applying tiny adhesive beads to strategic spots on your ears will alleviate stress, relieve pain and ease insomnia. We don’t know about that, but we love that these seeds look like diamonds piercings.

most viral products of 2021 sweater vest

16. Sdencin Women Houndstooth Pattern Knit Sweater Vest

The sweater vest is pretty much the low-lift, high-reward wardrobe refresh of fall/winter 2021, and your fashion following pal has definitely seen it on her FYP and will appreciate you knowing she wants in.

most viral products of 2021 toaster

17. Revolution Cooking Touchscreen Toaster

Do you really need a fancy touchscreen toaster? Probably not, but TikTok sure makes it look fun. The LED screen visually displays seven different toasting options in different degrees of darkness, so you know exactly what you’re getting before you even press start. It also reportedly cooks perfect Pop-Tarts and browns bagels just right (which means no more annoying burnt ends).

most viral products of 2021 worm farm

18. Maze Worm Farm

Real gardeners know that having a healthy population of worms in their garden is key to healthy plant life. Start them on the path to being a worm rancher with this cute little 15-inch square farm that they can just put chopped kitchen scraps in, then harvest castings as fertilizer and worms as free-range landscapers.

most viral products of 2021 dispenser

19. Zevro Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser

#OrganizationTok might be one of the most inspiring TikTok sub-genres out there—especially if you happen to hate clutter—and for cereal lovers, this dispenser just might be the start of your organizational journey. This video shows just how quickly and easily and quickly you can dispense your favorite breakfast goodies—even kids can handle this mess-free gadget! More than just convenience, however, it ensures that the oldest cereal gets used first each time, so you're not wasting any food.

most viral products of 2021 hair scarf

20. Straplets Curl Scarf

Prepare to have your giftee’s hair styling mind blown when you tell them they can just wrap their damp hair around this scarf, tied as a headband, and wait a few hours until they shake it fee, all mermaid-wave style.

most viral products of 2021 monocular telescope

21. Life’s Breadth Monocular Telescope

Now that concerts and other in-person events are back, this portable telescope comes in handy. And your favorite always-snapping mobile phone photographer will appreciate it can be used to take super-telephoto shots without an iPhone upgrade.

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