Does the Moon Pod Bean Bag Really Make You Feel Weightless? One Family Puts It to the Test

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Overall: 91/100

Bean bags are back, and they’re a far cry from the kind you had in your dorm room back in the day. Filled with memory foam for superior comfort and redesigned to achieve a decidedly more grown-up aesthetic, the new generation of bean bag makes its predecessors look like, well, child’s play.

Needless to say, I was curious about the second-coming of the bean bag and, as a tired mom-of-two, also quite eager for a soft place to rest my behind. As such, I decided to see if the trend lived up to the hype and did so by putting one of the top-rated products, the Moon Pod, to the test. Spoiler: I’m obsessed. (In fact, I’m actually writing this from my cushy bag with no plans of getting up anytime soon).


The Moon Pod is a big ticket item, to be sure. In fact, you can get a significantly larger foam-filled luxury slug—that’s what they look like—for roughly the same price. That said, the less-is-more philosophy really works here, particularly if you’re looking for a bean bag that can provide comfort without occupying too much real estate. I live in a decent-sized NYC apartment—and by that, I mean I don’t have a ton of space for a gigantic bean bag—so I found the proportions of the Moon Pod to be just right. When laid out flat, the Moon Pod only takes up 4 square feet of floor space and weighs 12 pounds—a modest size compared to its competitors. But despite its humble size, the Moon Pod can still accommodate quite a lot of cargo (i.e., two little kids or any kind of grown-up...but more on that later.)


A quick glance at the Moon Pod website will tell you that this guy is supposed to make you feel like you’re floating in space. Indeed, there’s something truly heavenly about sitting in this bean bag, which is filled with foam pellets that perfectly conform to your body and can be adjusted to any position—be it lying down for a snooze or sitting upright for your tenth Zoom call of the day. In fact, you could even say that the comfort level of this ergonomic bag is through the roof. As for the marketing claim that it’s a “zero-gravity bag that makes you feel like you’re floating”? I don’t fully agree: If I were floating in space, it wouldn’t be so hard to stand up after I’ve settled in. Hey, there’s always room for improvement, right?


Boy, can this bean bag take a beating: It’s been used in my home for obstacle courses and cannon balls off of top bunks. (Disclaimer: I don’t recommend the stunts, just the bean bag.) It’s also been used on the regular by my husband at bedtime, and he’s not a small guy. Nothing has squeezed the life out of this sucker—it’s as plump and cushy as the day we got it. Bonus: The fabric is machine-washable. And given that the members of my family (myself included) have proven ourselves to be masters at destroying all manner of things, I can say with confidence that the Moon Pod has far exceeded my expectations in the durability department thus far.


OK, so we’re talking bean bags here and not boucle accent chairs. Meaning that if your home is the epitome of coastal farmhouse, organic modernism or any chic décor trend then the Moon Pod may not fit into your overall aesthetic. Having said that, the sleek shape and multiple color options (moon indigo, cosmic ash, space gray, Neptune blue and rose quartz) do make this particular bag less of an eyesore than many other options on the market. You won’t be making the front page of any design magazines with this one, but I do think that the Moon Pod has a sort of modish vibe that blends well other furniture. (Hey, you could always just shove it in the corner or your kid’s room if you’re worried about it.) 

Final thoughts

Forget the crunchy, uncomfortable bean bags of your youth. The Moon Pod is ultra-supportive and conforms to your body as you sit, resulting in a highly relaxing experience. In my home, it’s even usurped the couch as everyone’s favorite space to chill. If you’re looking for a portable and durable place to lounge, don’t hesitate to add this comfy bean bag to cart. Just don’t blame me if you never want to get up.

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