8 Dreamy Design Ideas for a Master Bathroom

Bedrooms are great and kitchens are swell—but after a long day/week/call with the cable company, there’s no place we’d rather be than in our master bathroom (with a bath running and the door locked, thanks). And it seems we’re not alone: According the 2018 Houzz & Home study, search and spend for master bathroom renovations has skyrocketed this year. Why? Because #resalevalue and also because #selfcare. Whether a bathroom reno is on the horizon or simply on the brain, here are eight really, really gorgeous ideas to consider.

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Craft A Seating Area

Designer Amber Lewis gets it: With a bathroom this big and beautiful, you’re gonna want to sit and hang out awhile. We love this wing chair + vintage rug + oversize plant combo so much, we might just move cocktail hour to the bathroom. (Psst: The chair upholstery is terry cloth. Genius.)

Panel The Entire Space

Think shiplap is played out? Think again. In a contemporary bathroom it feels fresh and fabulous. Designer Marie Flanigan wrapped everything from the vaulted ceiling down to the shower stall exterior, for a result that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Install A Huge Walk-in Shower

Not one for sitting around in a tub? Use your floor space to build an enormous walk-in shower instead. This marble double rain shower by design firm STUDIO LIFE.STYLE is giving us all the shower > tub inspo we need.

Build A Window Seat

If you’re lucky enough to have a deep-set window, we love the idea of a built-in window seat, which adds major coziness and character…and storage space (below) to boot. How chic is this cushy nook by designer Taylor Anne?

Add A Soaking Tub

We’re of the belief that if you can swing a separate bathtub and shower stall, go for it. Even with an intimate floor plan and large shower stall dominating the space, designer Kate Lester was able to squeeze an elegant soaker between the shower and vanity. Say it with us now: Swoon.

Load Up On Mirrors

We’re all about the glamorous, jewel-box effect of using  inset mirrors as wall and door paneling. Above, designer Ma Allen used this trickery to infuse a dark bathroom with light and airiness. (The room only has one tiny window, but you’d never know it, right?)

Incorporate A Character Feature

Tile, hardware, toilet, tub: Bathrooms can get formulaic. Which is why we love the idea of adding a funky architectural feature as a focal point. Here, the design firm Rohe Creative used a large panel of chicken wire glass to cordon off the bathtub—and play up the apartment’s industrial vibes.

Customize A Vanity

It’s doesn’t get more ladylike than a built-in vanity for sitting and primping. Take a cue from blogger Emily Jackson and accent your space with brass-rimmed mirrors, fresh blooms and a pretty perfume tray. Magnifique


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