Concrete Flooring Is Having a Moment and Holy Swoon Are We on Board with It

Allow us to wax poetic about concrete for a hot sec: It’s eco-friendly, naturally heat controlling, waterproof, hypoallergenic, affordable and the friggin’ gold standard when it comes to kid, pet and traffic durability. Pale and polished or dark and brushed, today’s residential options also happen to look nothing like a sidewalk and everything like a fabulous design decision.

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Walk This Way

Concrete makes a genius choice for thoroughfares like hallways, which get tons of traction. We adore the sandy, glossy treatment in this Nicole Davis designed loft.

Kitchen Goals

Note to self: Light concrete floors pair well with graphic, neutral tiles and classic brass hardware.

Dining Nook

In a space that anticipates spills and dribbles over time, Davis wisely skipped a rug altogether and let the concrete floors really sing.

Tub Time

Monochromatic concrete always looks chic and deliberate—even in the bathroom. In this sexy space by Studio Gild, concrete tiling paired with concrete floors creates a modern and minimalistic vibe.

Lofty Goals

Naturally, concrete looks right at home in an industrial context. We dig this open concept situation by Nomad Collective.

First Impressions

You wouldn’t necessarily expect concrete to look formal. But it looks pretty darn grand in this Marie Flanigan-designed foyer, now doesn’t it?

Graphic Design

Love the look but find it a little cold? Make like Flanigan and opt for painted or patterned concrete tiles instead. Fun + durable = design win.

Texture Play

To schmancy up your concrete floors, take a cue from Allison Crawford and choose luxe, natural materials to complement them—like creamy marbles and rich woods.

Bright Idea

Psst: When high glossed, concrete floors can really bounce around the light.

concrete bedroom
Courtesy of Alexander Design

Organic Matter

PSA: Concrete can still be cozy enough for a bedroom when artfully blended with linen, hides and leathers, like in this cool girl boudoir by Vanessa Alexander.

Go With The Flow

Continue the look right onto the patio, like Jodie Fried of Armadillo & Co. did to visually double her floor plan. We like.

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