The Joanna Gaines Kiddo Cleaning Trick We’re Totally Stealing

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From overpriced toy storage systems to democratic chore charts, you’ve tried darn-near-everything to get your munchkins on the cleaning train. Looking for a proven fix? Take a page from mama/homemaker extraordinaire Joanna Gaines. 

Recently, at an event to celebrate her stunning new paint line with KILZ, the mom of four (and soon to be five!) shared her and Chip's tactic for fun, family-style cleanup: Making a game out of decluttering. At the start of each new year, Drake, Duke, Emmie Kay and Ella Rose are given three trash bags each, then Jo sets a timer for 20 minutes, and the kids scramble around gathering up toys, clothes, books and other random kiddo junk they no longer need anymore. (Presumably to be hand-me-downed and donated.)

Why the extreme editing? Because it’s essential in order to “see the space and re-evaluate how to make it functional for your family”, Gaines said. (And giving the kids ownership over their own domain is habit-building.) 

Take it from Jo It’s never too soon for thelife-changing magic of tidying up.

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