The 4 Colors You’ll Almost Never See in Joanna Gaines’s Homes (and Why)

Plus, her fave color of the moment

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You turn to Joanna Gaines for dinner ideas, design suggestions and shopping tips. So, it’s no stretch to consider her advice before painting your house or walls. Luckily, the interior design icon recently shared her go-to color—as well as four colors she rarely uses in her work—with House Beautiful.

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The Fixer Upper star just launched Magnolia’s new paint collection in collaboration with KILZ. The colors were inspired by lake house vibes: Think tranquil, timeless and earthy. Naturally, Gaines’s color of the moment is green. “I just finished the lake house, and green was everywhere,” she told House Beautiful. “So that’s my favorite color right now. I love any green. Whether it’s moody or a vintage green, there is so much emotional connection that can come from a green.”

More interesting to us, though, are the four colors that Gaines steers away from. “This is more of a personal thing, but there are certain colors that give me anxiety, like fuchsia, purple or red, that make me feel really activated,” she admitted. “Oh, and orange. That color really pushes on something internally for me.”

She much prefers colors found in nature (think blue, white and green) and tonal, earthy shades that never go out of style. That said, she reminds us that color preferences are totally subjective.

“There really aren’t any rules,” Gaines said. “Paint in whatever colors make you feel best in your home. As far as trends, it’s less about the specific color and more about the feeling you want to experience in your space.”

Isn’t that good news for all the fuchsia stans out there?

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