Curb Appeal Landscaping: 4 Ideas That Can Increase Your Home’s Value by 12.7%

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Congrats: You’ve updated the dated kitchen cabinets and KonMari’d your clutter with fervor. But before you list your home to market, consider this stat: The simple task of sprucing up your lawn and landscape can increase your home’s value by 12.7 percent. Why? Well, because first impressions count, right? And when a buyer sees a well-cared-for home, it shapes their gut instinct on the property.

Luckily, it doesn’t take a shmancy landscape architect to make a huge difference. We checked in with Phil Dwyer, Ph.D., turf grass scientist for Scotts Miracle-Gro, for four easy tips that’ll boost curb appeal and help you get maximum $$$.

1. Prevent Weeds

Step 1: Get rid of any messy, meddlesome weeds. For a small job, a weekend of hand pulling (we know, delightful) will do the trick. But for deep-rooted weeds or large areas, you’ll want to consider a weed killer or hired help.

2. Patch Bare Spots

A lawn with thin, patchy grass is a sad sight indeed. Dwyer recommends using springtime to lay new seed down over the spots and watering every day. P.S. There are specialty products that can expedite the process.

3. Refresh Your Mulch

Well-maintained mulch not only makes the yard look good, but it helps protect the moisture and temperature in a garden’s soil,” says Dwyer. The best part? Usually all you need is a quick refresh as opposed to a new layer entirely.

4. Polish Outdoor Surfaces

Fact Only the brave will buy a house with scary-looking moss and mildew stains. For this reason, be sure to clean your home’s siding, patio and deck surfaces—either with a powerful outdoor cleaner or a power washing.

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