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It’s time like these when we wish we actually followed through with expanding our at-home garden. Who wouldn’t want easy access to freshly-grown herbs and veggies and skip that trip to the market?

Luckily, the internet has a plethora of gardening systems that are so smart, plants can practically grow themselves. These automated devices are specifically designed to minimize the need for day-to-day care, which means you can grow a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers with very little effort.

Keep reading for seven easy at-home farming kits.

1. Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System

Did we mention that it’s controlled through an app on your phone?

Buy it ($300)

2. Lettuce Grow Hydroponic Growing System

Once your garden blooms, it practically disguises itself.

Buy it ($500)

3. Huamuyu Aquaponic Fish Tank

Fun to look at and extremely useful.

Buy it ($55)

4. AeroGarden Harvest 360 Garden System

No soil? Check. No mess? Check. Need we say more?

Buy it ($100)

5. OPCOM Farm GrowWall3

Yes, it’s an investment, but you’ll thank us in the long run.

Buy it ($999)

6. Greenjoy Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Ideal for growing small herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Buy it ($200)

7. Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System

The 360-degree water hole is said to reduce spillage. (We’re looking at you, kiddos.)

Buy it ($110)

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