The Best Way to (Politely) Get Guests to Leave, According to Jonathan from ‘Queer Eye’

You’re throwing a fabulous party for your nearest and dearest, and everything from the food to the music has been on point. (Because, duh.) But now it’s almost midnight, and you’re ready to go to bed. (Because, um, you’re a grown-ass woman.) So how do you get rid of your guests without seeming rude?

Queer Eye grooming expert (have you binged the amazing new season yet?) and Strongbow cider partner Jonathan Van Ness shares this genius party trick that he learned from the hit show’s guac-loving chef Antoni Porowski.

“I love Antoni’s age-old classic of having a subtle coffee service toward the end of the night to signal to guests that it’s time to go home,” Van Ness told us.

“It’s just a gentle way of being like, ‘OK, bye!’” he added.

Simple and friendly yet effective. No wonder these guys are the lifestyle gurus (and our imaginary besties).

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