How to Clean Your Entire Home in 24 Hours

Foolproof tips for people who hate cleaning

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For those of us who hate--like realllly hate--cleaning, even a spoonful of sugar can’t make spring-cleaning fun. But we can make it super-easy. Put down the broom. Here are ten easy spring-cleaning tips to get your home sparkling in less than 24 hours. Try not to enjoy yourself too much.

Set Your Watch

Your to-do list is off the charts. But if you divide your cleaning spurts into 30-minute blocks, you can get your entire home glistening in one day…and have time for everything else on your list. Ready, set, go!


Make Your Bed While You're Still In It

It’s the definition of lazy, but, hey, it works. Before you even get out of bed in the morning, grab the top edges of your blankets, give them a good hearty fluff and then wiggle out from under the sheets--just like this.

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Clean Up Pet Hair With A Rubber Glove

Grab some rubber dishwashing gloves (no, we’re not about to tell you to do some intense toilet work). Just slip them on, get them a little wet and then run your gloved hands over tables, couches and anywhere else pet hair is visible.

Freshen The Garbage Disposal

It’s time for that smell in the drain to go. For good. Down the drain, pour ½ cup baking soda and 1 cup white vinegar. Allow it to sit forten minutes, then flush it out with a kettle of boiling water. Next, add 2 cups ice cubes and 1 cup rock salt and turn on the disposal. Finally, throw in a cut-up lemon and run the disposal again. Good as new.


Line Your Trash Cans With Multiple Bags

When you take out the trash, you’ll already have a new bag in place.

Clean Your Range Hood

You’ve carefully avoided this daunting task, but it’s actually pretty simple.Just remove the range filters, stick them in the sink and sprinkle them with baking soda and dish soap. Fill the sink with scalding-hot water and soak for ten minutes. Remove the grime with a scrub brush, then rinse thoroughly. Let the filters dry on paper towels and you’re good to go.

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And While You're At It, Toss Your Oven Knobs Into The Dishwasher

Most plastic knobs are easy to pull off--just give them a good tug. Then put them on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Make Your Toilet Sparkle With A Magic Eraser

Use this miracle sponge to wipe down your porcelain throne--and any other dusty or discolored white surface in the bathroom--to get it to glisten.


Whiten Your Caulk

Scrubbing just became unnecessary. Instead, soak a few paper towels in bleach and use them to cover the caulk line, pressing into every nook and cranny. Let them sit for several hours, then remove and rinse.

Then Clean Your Shower Door With A Dryer Sheet

In the laundry, it softens fabrics. In the bathroom, it softens soap scum. Win-win.

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