Oven knobs are a cleaning tease. You think you've got them, until you look at them from a different angle and see a line of grease you could swear just appeared. Save some scrub time (and sanity) by throwing them in with your dirty dishes.

What you need: Plastic knobs (it’s OK if they’re covered in grime; that’s the point) and a dishwasher.

What you do: Double, triple-check your owner’s manuals before you follow our steps. If all's clear, remove the oven knobs (just wiggle those guys right off) and throw them in the top rack of your dishwasher, along with whatever else needs a washing.

Why it works: The target streams of water that get fork tines and colanders squeaky clean do the same for all the little grooves and niches in oven knobs.

Oh, and they're not the only things you can put in your dishwasher.

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