Yes, You Need a Halloween Wreath, Because You’re Not a Monster (You’re Just Dressed Like One)

There are a lot of unknowns surrounding Halloween this year: Will trick-or-treating even happen? Will all parties take place over Zoom? Should I dress up as Joe Exotic or Carole Baskins?! But one thing’s for sure—you’ve got no excuse to ignore All Hallows Eve. In fact, there’s no better time to deck out your home than when you’re all dressed up and have nowhere to go. We’ve found that the easiest way to set the tone for spooky szn is with a Halloween wreath. Whether you’re feeling something that’s whimsical and family friendly, straight-up spooky or more fall-inspired than cobwebs-and-skulls, we’ve got a wreath for you—your choice if you want to buy or DIY.

15 Surprisingly Chic Halloween Door Decorations

1. the Ahead-of-the-trend Wreath

Expect to see velvet pumpkins everywhere in stores this year. Get a head start on the look with a wreath that incorporates a few.

2. the Black Feathered Wreath

The black feathers on this wreath shine with a subtle glimmer of green and purple in the sunlight. Finished off with a shimmery orange bow, consider this a glam way to get into the Halloween spirit.

3. the Vintage-inspired Wreath

Halloween is usually associated with decaying décor, but this wreath is downright plush—even if the leaves have turned. Look closely, and you’ll see subtle candy corn and Jack O’Lantern ornaments tied throughout.

halloween wreath skeleton target

4. the Downright Twee Wreath

You don’t need to have little kids to appreciate this cute take on a skeleton wreath. C’mon, that bowtie? And that goofy grin? He’s kind of like the taxi driver from Halloweentown, only in cartoon version.

BUY IT ($20)

5. the Simply Batty Wreath

If your style skews a bit rustic, but you still want to go all in on the holiday, look no further. This Etsy shop has earned 505 five-star reviews, with people raving that the wreath is delivered true to the picture and is loaded with bats that are evenly dusted with glitter (which, as anyone who’s ordered decorations online can attest, isn’t always the case).

halloween wreath fabric wrap

6. the No-sew Fabric Wreath

Now that you’ve seen a few wreaths, are you curious about getting your DIY on? This is the perfect starter project, courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. All you need are some scraps of fabric (preferably in autumnal shades), ribbon and a wire hanger.


7. the Harvest-inspired Wreath

Burnt orange silk flowers, faux wheat stalks and pinecones really bring on the fall vibes. All that’s missing is a cozy scarf and some hot apple cider as you lounge on your front porch.

8. the Pip Berry Wreath

Loaded with more than 3,000 faux berries, this grapevine wreath packs a pop of color that feels festive without skewing over the top. Plus, at 24 inches tall, it won’t feel dinky on even the tallest front doors.

halloween wreath country wreath

9. the Pumpkin Maple Wreath

Joanna Gaines fans will lose their shiplap over this understated wreath, which features white tones and subdued accents. It’s country—but by no means bumpkin.

BUY IT ($62)

halloween wreath burlap diy
Crafts by Amanda

10. the Burlap Wreath

Fire up that glue gun—this burlap wreath comes together in no time, and it’s oh so satisfying to hang up and as you casually tell your neighbors, “yeah, I made that.” (Psst: Visual learners, there’s even a full video tutorial showing you how to make in on Crafts by Amanda.)

halloween wreath skull feathers

11. the Skull-and-spider Wreath

If you’re looking to lean into All Hallows Eve, this is the wreath for you. The foliage is spindly and spiky, the skulls look weathered and ominous, while the spiders are fabulously glittery. What more could you want?

BUY IT ($66)

12. the ‘nightmare Before Christmas’-inspired Wreath

You can’t call yourself a Nightmare Before Christmas fan if you didn’t immediately recognize this angry Christmas wreath (a creation Jack Skellington made when he decided to hijack the holiday from Santa Claus). You can order yours with or without arms coming out to “grab” unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

13. the Jack Skellington-esque Wreath

If you prefer something a little more, uh, on-the-skull when it comes to your Tim Burton movie tributes, how about a Jack Skellington wreath? This graphic, black-and-white homage to the iconic character makes for a fun homage.

14. the ‘hocus Pocus’-y Wreath

Maybe the Sanderson Sisters are more your speed when it comes to bingeable Halloween movies. Well, this year, you can display it across your entire door with this three-tiered, 8-foot-long wonder. Just don’t let anyone light a black flame candle near it.

15. the Eccentric Eye Wreath

Eye don’t even know where to begin with this one. Light-up eyeballs emerging from black roses—isn’t Halloween all about embracing the weird? This style certainly fits the bill.

16. the Gothic Butterfly Wreath

Sugar & Cloth makes the case for indoor wreaths with this enchanting butterfly number. It’s the perfect finishing touch for a darkly romantic interpretation of Halloween décor, and all it takes to create it yourself are some faux butterflies, glue and a wreath frame. Once you’re done, you’re going to want to borrow her floral garland ideas, too.

17. the Cutesy Spiderweb Wreath

Consider it the only time you’ll be totally OK seeing a massive cobweb spanning your front door.

halloween wreath ornaments

18. the Halloween Ornament Wreath

Oh, you didn’t know ornament-based wreaths were a thing for Halloween? We didn’t either, until now. With a variety of bauble sizes and a mix of textures (gritty glitter, chrome-like shine, satiny pumpkins), this wreath is loaded with character.

BUY IT ($20)

19. the Bittersweet Wreath

There’s nothing like a fresh touch to liven up your door, even on a holiday devoted to the dead. Etsy shop Scarlet Smile starts making these right after Labor Day, using freshly snipped bittersweet and Japanese lanterns.

20. the Felt Flower Wreath

With plenty of felt, a wire frame and a glue gun, you can create a folksy-yet-modern wreath that looks straight out of a cottagecore dream.

21. the Buffalo Plaid Wreath

This wreath’s made for fans of traditional décor. The boxwood and buffalo checks are totally classic, and the ghost pumpkins are on trend for Halloween.

22. the Monster Wreath

Here’s a craft the kids can help out with. There’s no limit to the number of googly eyes you can add to it (who’s to say how many a monster should have?), so go wild.

23. the “mr. Bones” Wreath

It’s Halloween. So if you want to put an entire skeleton popping out of a candy-colored wreath on your door, do it.

24. the Orange Berry Wreath

This weatherproof wreath is a bold burst of color to liven up your front door. Bonus: It ships for free.

25. the Spooky Crow Wreath

This raven looks like it could flap its wings and caw at you (though, sadly, it’s no Big Mouth Billy Bass). It’s so realistic, in fact, that you shouldn’t be surprised if guests do a double take before knocking.

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