The Last Thing I Ever Thought I’d Buy from Goop Has Become My Favorite Purchase

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As much as I tried to resist it, I’ve been Gooped. No, I haven’t gotten into lady-parts-scented candles or G. Label jumpsuits or even the buzzy new vitamin C serum. I finally became a Goop customer when I broke down and bought…a really pretty frying pan. A pink, nonstick one from Goop’s collab with GreenPan, no less.

What was the intrigue? Well, for one, GreenPan is best known for making eco-friendly pots and pans that don’t contain lead, cadmium or perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). (While GreenPan heavily touts that its pans are PFOA-free, it’s worth noting that companies have been using a PFOA-free process to make coatings since 2002, according to the CDC. Still, this might prompt you to take a closer look at your older pans.) Oh, and the fact that the pans come in a blush and brushed gold color combo didn’t hurt, either.

I started out with the eight-inch and ten-inch frypan set, immediately cursing myself for buying a pan with a white interior—it’d surely be stained the second I grilled a pork chop on it, and I’d be fighting to scrub off browned bits for hours, just like I have with other pans. But no—six months in, and I’ve been proved wrong, meal after meal. Everything I’ve cooked, be it steaks, an omelet or slow-cooked meatballs and marinara, slides off the pan, leaving little residue. Cleanups have been simple and mostly scrub-free, despite cooking roughly 60 meals with my now not-so-new pans.

While I was so paranoid about keeping the white interior of the pans pristine, it turns out the blush underside requires far more maintenance. Heat from the burners tends to bake on grease, like it does with any pan, yet it shows up more than usual on these pink pans. So I can’t be lazy about scrubbing the underside of the frypan as I (admittedly) have been in the past.

At $100 for a set of two, I have to admit that this Goop purchase felt like a bit of an investment. But I’ve found that these hold up way better than the discount pans you’d find at a big box store, so I don’t feel racked with any buyer’s remorse.

The only other downside? I’m now seriously considering dropping $300 for the full ten-piece set. After all, each piece can be thrown into the dishwasher, they’re oven-safe up to 600°F and my kitchen would look so great with matching pots and pans, all in the prettiest shade of millennial pink. Never mind that I’ve never actually needed a covered casserole dish before this very second.

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