9 Garden Trends to Try in Your Own Yard in 2024

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Whether your outdoor space consists of a huge, sunny back yard or a few pots on a patio or balcony, gardening is hotter than ever. And even though most of us are spending more time away from our homes these days, we still are willing to invest in our gardens with lush plantings and gorgeous flowers as an escape from the world. “People want to create a space that looks and feels like an extension of their homes,” says landscape designer Kat Aul Cervoni, founder of Staghorn NYC and The Cultivation by Kat. “They want their gardens to look good, but also to feel good.”

Here are the top garden trends you’ll see everywhere in 2024—and a few ways to incorporate these ideas in your own yard:

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1. Pink Flowers

All things pink (thanks to Barbiecore!) are still trending, and that extends to the garden. “We’re seeing a sudden surge in the popularity of plants with hot pink flowers,” says Natalie Carmolli, public relations with Proven Winners Color Choice Shrubs. Shrubs and perennial flowers such as reblooming azaleas, weigela and coneflowers can add a reliable pop of hot pink year after year.

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2. Multi-Functional Outdoor Spaces

“People want their yards and gardens to serve a lot of functions from entertaining to hanging out with family,” says Cervoni. Built-in grills, smokers, pizza ovens and fire pits are huge as families aim to spend more time enjoying outdoor activities together such as cooking and roasting marshmallows around the fire pit.

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3. Goth Gardening

Goth garden designs vary based on personal interpretation, but they often contain flowers that are burgundy, dark purple and black, which makes an interesting contrast to the usual green foliage. To that end, plants with black foliage are on the rise, says Carmolli.

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4. Cutting Gardens

Gardeners are discovering the joys of snipping a few blooms here and there from their gardens, so interest is high in flowers and flowering shrubs grown specifically for a cutting garden. There’s also an increase in the prevalence of cut flower farms. “People are willing to invest in local, sustainably-sourced products,” says Carmolli.

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5. Naturalistic Design

As a trend carrying over from last season, wild or meadow gardens are popular among many homeowners. These gardens focus on plant diversity and relaxed design, rather than neat rows of flowers. “I’m interpreting that look for homeowners on a small scale in shallow beds or in containers,” says Cervoni. Think ornamental grasses, colorful flowers such as Russian sage, bee balm and asters in less fussy, more casual presentation.

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6. Pollinator Support

This trend, which complements naturalistic plantings, has been going strong for several years as homeowners have embraced the concept of native plants to support pollinators. “You can do that by choosing plants that bloom at different times so there is always a feast for pollinators when they stop by your garden,” says Carmolli.

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7. Sustainable Design

Interest in eco-friendly solutions is booming. “Homeowners want all things sustainable, from plants that are drought-tolerant to rain gardens to drainage-friendly permeable paver driveways to lawn alternatives,” says Cervoni.

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8. Edible Plants

While interest in vegetables has waned somewhat, gardeners still want to incorporate other types of plantings that are both edible and ornamental. The trend is referred to as “edimentals,” or gardening with ornamental plants that have an edible component, says Carmolli. This includes herbs such as mint and oregano, which boast lovely pollinator-friendly blooms, as well as edible blooms such as lavender, nasturtium and rose petals.

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9. Nostalgic Appeal

Plants that were once labeled as high-maintenance or too old-fashioned are now back in vogue. For example, big, lush flowers such as peonies and dahlias are making a comeback, says Cervoni. Many new varieties are more hardy and disease-resistant than earlier types, so they fit in with people’s desire for low-maintenance plantings.

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