Funboys Newest Float Brings the Disco to Your Pool Party—and Its Currently $30 Off

Hello, summer! FUNBOY's newest float, the Giant Disco Dome, might be exactly what you need to get yourself pool-party-ready. Oh, and it's currently $30 off the OG price. This over-the-top, obsession-worthy float clocks in at almost eight-and-a-half feet wide and nearly six feet tall (yes, it's gigantic). Sold separately, you can even add a disco beach ball to the middle for some extra fun.

We love this pool accessory because it doesn't deflate and feel flimsy when you sit on it—it's super sturdy and durable for lounging and moving around. You can fit yourself and three friends (comfortably) in the seating area and guess what else? You'll each get your own cupholder to hold your favorite summer seltzer.

We love the mesh sun shade because the sun still peaks through so you can get a nice tan. There is also a mesh floor that soaks in some water around your legs (basically like a kiddie pool) to keep you cooled off while keeping your hair dry. 

Whether in a friend's backyard pool or at a nearby lake, you'll be sure to make a splash when you show up with your very own disco party float.

Buy It ($299; 269)

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