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You coated your entire body in SPF 30 before you left the house. But you were having so much fun swimming, playing beach volleyball and eating turkey burgers, you forgot to reapply and ended up with a monster sunburn. Shoot. Try these 15 tricks to feel better fast.

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sunburn water
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1. Before you do anything else, drink a giant glass of water. It’s the fastest way to heal your red, irritated skin—so make sure you’re getting at least eight glasses a day. 

2. Rinse a clean washcloth in cool water and wring it out. Voilà, instant cold compress.

3. Take a cool bath with a few drops of chamomile essential oil. Ahh, so soothing.

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sunburn aloe
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4. Make aloe ice cubes. Just squirt some aloe vera gel into an ice cube tray and pop it in the freezer, then keep them on hand for instant sunburn relief.

5. Rub on some one percent hydrocortisone cream. You can buy it at any drugstore and it does wonders for itching, pain and swelling. 

6. That yogurt you were going to eat for breakfast? Try rubbing it on your sunburned skin instead.

sunburn fan
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7. Turn up the AC or use fans to help keep your skin as cool as possible. 

8. Got burned eyelids? Soak two teabags in cool water, lie down, shut your eyes and place the teabags on top.

9. Pop an ibuprofen to reduce swelling, pain and redness.

sunburn plants

10. You know that aloe plant hanging out in your living room, collecting dust? Break off one of the leaves and use the gel inside to soothe your skin.

11. If you don’t have aloe on hand, pop a cucumber in the blender and spread the pulp over the burn. So hydrating.

12. Take a vitamin E supplement daily. It’s an antioxidant, so it can help reduce inflammation.

sunburn legs
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13. Moisturize your parched skin with coconut oil. (But don’t slather on coconut oil and then go sit back in the sun, OK? It can make the burn even worse.)

14. Take a cool colloidal oatmeal bath to hydrate and calm your skin and prevent post-sunburn itchiness.

15. Resist the urge to peel your sunburned skin. Instead of picking at it, drink another glass of water and apply more aloe and coconut oil. Repeat, repeat, repeat until the sunburn is gone. 

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