Trend Alert: Flamingo Decor Is Your Next Party Go-To

They say birds of a feather flock together, so join us in admiring these festive party decorations featuring—you guessed it—flamingos. Here, 11 delightful ways to feature the tropical bird of the hour at your next soiree. And for more party decor ideas head to the mothership, Pinterest

7 Wedding Trends for 2017 That We’ll Gladly Get Behind

Start With Your Color Scheme

Peaches, palms and corals, oh my!

Add In Accent Patterns

We’re big fans of retro black and white stripes.

Focus On Festive Fronds

Ferns and palm branches provide the perfect backdrop for our feathery friends.

Design Fancy Invitations

Bonus points for moving wings…er, parts.

Upgrade Your Average Straws

My, what charming cocktails you have.

...and Your Average Rice Krispies

Don’t forget everyone’s favorite party treats: foods on sticks.

Use Yard Decor For Your Ice Bucket

Did you see the bartenders? They’re soooo cute.

Or To Upgrade Outdoor Games

Alice in Wonderland croquet, anyone?

See? Adorable Activities

They just happen to be the perfect shape for ring toss.

Decorate With Festive Signage

Doesn’t the word “flamingle” make you giddy?

Don’t Forget The Floral Arrangements

Sub out lemons for any citrus you’d like.