Beginner's Feng Shui Guide: 15 Principles That Every Home Should Follow

Chances are, you’ve been tossing around the term feng shui for years...without ever truly understanding what the heck it is. In a nutshell: Feng shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that examines object placements and how they affect a home’s energy. In the hopes of ridding our homes of any and all bad juju, we tapped feng shui expert Bryce Kennedy for the absolute essentials.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom for a Better Love Life


1. Never Hang Mirrors Across From The Front Door.

The reason: Any good energy that comes across your threshold will immediately get bounced back outside.

2. Never Put A Bedroom Over A Garage.

Garages have heavy, chaotic energies. And that is the last thing you want to feel when it comes to rest.

3. Treat Your Stove Like Your Most Prized Possession.

Stoves are money makers in feng shui: They bring good fortune and attract abundance. Keep yours clean and grease-free.


4. Ban Electronics In The Bedroom.

Huge no-no: Electronics prime the brain to buzz. Plus, actually think about what it is that you last read or watched. (You do not want your boss’s manic demands infiltrating your dreams.)

5. Never Place Beds In Direct Alignment With Doors.

Unless you want to get blasted head-on by energy while you’re trying to rest.

6. Declutter Your Entryway.

Clutter is super destructive to a home and its occupants, especially when it overwhelms the moment you walk in the door. Rely on smart storage (trunks, coat closets, etc.) to keep your foyer—and mind—zen.


7. Keep The Kitchen Table Spotless.

This hub represents family and love: We want people to crowd around it and feel welcome. Keep it sparkly clean and set up a separate workspace for the kids to do homework and craft projects.

8. No Bright Colors For Kids' Rooms.

Sorry, Tickle Me Elmo-themed bedroom plans: Bright colors are magnificent for other parts of the home, but for kids, they're just too energetic to promote rest.

9. Toss (or Fix) Any Broken Furniture.

This signifies that something else in your life is broken or will soon break, and represents lack, suffering and unworthiness. No excuses for this one, folks.


10. Close Bathroom Doors When They’re Not In Use.

Bathroom energy is, um, gross. You don't want that floating around your home.

11. Fix Leaky Faucets Asap.

Leaky faucets are super bad luck: It means you are leaking all your abundance and happiness away. Address drips immediately.

12. Ditto Dead Light Bulbs.

A burnt-out light represents well, burnout—as well as stress, poor finance and bad health. Full, radiant light is important to attracting what you want in life.


13. Fill Forlorn Spots Will Plants.

Whether it’s a corner or a dark hall, seek out spots that feel stagnant and add the energy of happy green.

14. Keep The Basement Tidy And Bright.

As the literal foundation of your home, its vibe will resonate throughout the house. So don’t make it a dumping ground—and keep it as light and dry as possible.

15. Repaint Often.

Got old, dirty walls? Yep, you can pretty much guess how that makes you feel.