Double Islands Are the Fabulous New Kitchen Trend...That Absolutely Nobody Needed

A few years back, the dirty kitchen (aka a secondary, tucked-away kitchen for actually doing the cooking) became the ultimate in home luxury. And folks, that same #extra kitchen thinking has surfaced anew—albeit on a smaller scale. Behold: the double island.

10 Bonkers-Gorgeous Kitchen Island Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

double island kitchen 1
Courtesy of Alexander Design

What's The Deal?

From our favorite designer Insta feeds to our hyperactive Pinterest boards, double kitchen islands have been popping up everywhere lately. The idea behind them? One island is used as a dining area (breakfast bar/work space) and the other becomes prep space (cooking/chopping/you name it). V. necessary, right?

But Why?

Thanks to the growing domination of open-concept floor plans, the kitchen has established itself as the primary gathering spot in the home. And as such, it “needs” extra entertaining considerations (think: extra dishwashers, secondary butlers sinks, overflow seating). According to designer Courtney Thomas, there are also some major spatial pros: “For large kitchens (350 square feet plus), I tend to avoid one, single oversize island. This can create a lot of inaccessible ‘dead’ space in the middle. If you have the room for it, double islands will give you twice as much cabinet frontage and twice as many storage options.”

Our Verdict?

Well first, swoon. But also, like, where are all these airplane-hangar-sized kitchens located (and what do these people do for a living)? Needless to say, when we find ourselves with a kitchen with two freaking islands, we’ll know we’ve made it.


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