Disco Ball Decor Is Taking Over—Here's The Coolest Way to Style 'Em for The Holidays

Recently, our Instagram feeds have been hitting us over the head with the same theme: Disco ball decor.

As with the barbiecore and party girl hair trends, Discocore—a viral, 70s-inspired design style that’s accumulated over 3.6 million views on TikTok—embodies Gen Z’s ongoing desire to revamp mementos from before their time. The look says, “Euphoria meets Studio 54” where the drug-and-sex-fueled aesthetic is juxtaposed by upscale finishes and rounded mid-century modern forms. Think: a curvy white bouclé sofa, a molded accent wall and gleaming disco balls in the corner that tie everything together. 

To that end, the look symbolizes a collective exhale from the last three years and a foreshadowing of a more prosperous future (well, here’s hoping).“I think everyone is bursting at the seams to move,” explained celebrity designer Kelly Wearstler in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “Now it’s like, ‘OK, let’s get dressed up. Let’s have a party.’” And she’s right: disco balls decor certainly takes our post-pandemic revelry to a new level (and the trend is basically a party come to life). “‘It’s about glamour, and it’s lively and festive,’” Wearstler recapped in the interview. 

So as we head into the holiday decorating season, we’re seeing iterations of this trend everywhere. We’re talking disco ball wreaths and decorative fillings to tablescape decor and mini disco garlands. Here, find six of the coolest ways to style the look for the holidays (while still keeping it elevated for when the in-laws arrive). 

1. Disco Fireplace Filling

This one goes out to anyone who can’t get their fireplace working (because who needs a woodburning fire with this chic alternative?)

Get the Look: Extra-Extra Large Disco Ball ($300); 4-Pack of Large Disco Balls ($52)

2. Disco Vase Filler

Or if the disco fireplace feels like overkill, try sizing down the look by filling a vase with minis. 

Get the Look: Vintage Victorian Lidded Crystal Glass Candy Dish ($200); Disco Ball Bowl Filler ($20)

3. Disco Garland

Sure, we love Instagram’s “disco throw pillow” look (above). But curling up with a sequined rock is far from practical—especially when we’re watching Elf. So instead, we’re taking a page out of this DIYers book with a disco garland that’ll stay all season (full tutorial here

Get the Look: Glitter Starburst LED Garland ($40); BalsaCircle Warm White LED Lights ($10) Pink Disco Ball Ornament ($20)

4. Disco Ice Bucket

Functional yet festive, we’re absolutely obsessed with how this disco cooler would look on a bar cart. 

Get the Look: Disco Ball Ice Bucket ($65)

5. Disco Tree

If you’re really looking to go all out, we guarantee a disco ball tree will have all your guests oogling during this year’s holiday party. Plus, it’s actually way easier to DIY than it looks (full tutorial here). 

Get the Look: Christmas Tree Wire Form ($21); 4-Pack of Large Disco Balls ($52); 20-Piece Hanging Mirror Disco Ball Set ($26)

6. Disco Wreath

Finally, another gleaming accessory that’ll get the party started before your guests even walk through the door. 

Get the Look: Mirrored Ball Wreath ($149; $111) 

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