These Are Officially the Top 6 Hair Trends This Fall (Plus One That's Done-zo)

Craving a cut or color change for fall but not sure where to even start? We tapped the all-star team at Marie Robinson Salon in New York (whose clientele includes Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Anne Hathaway) for their predictions on the top six hair trends that will be everywhere this fall (plus, one that’s officially out).

Meet the Experts:

1. The Polished Blowout

“There are many exciting styles taking over right now, and it feels like there are two opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand, you have very polished looks like the voluminous blowouts that have been taking over these days. You also are going to see the return of super sleek straight hair,” shares Buckett.

2. Party Girl Hair

“Juxtaposing these refined styles is the party girl hair. Inspired by the ‘80s and ‘90s, this trend includes spiky up-dos, braids and funky twists,” says Buckett. “It’s the complete opposite of the super polished blowouts we were just talking about, and a celebration of natural hair texture, waves and curls,” he adds.

3. Contrasting Colors

“This season is all about contrast and statement hair. Think: Streaks of blonde intertwined with fiery red and even pops of baby blue. I’m seeing periwinkle having a moment as well,” says Buckett.

4. Buttery Blondes

“This fall, we’re moving away from cooler, platinum tones and opting into soft, multi-dimensional blondes,” says Mowen. “I would even suggest going a touch warmer with an apricot- or amber-toned blonde, which is perfect for fall and winter. Overall, we’ll be seeing more of the buttery tones that reflect light better with all the nuances,” he explains.

5. Rich Chocolate Brunettes

According to Mowen, brunettes are going the opposite direction, favoring rich dark chocolate tones with cooler accents throughout. “For example, this look we created for Anne Hathaway features a richly toned brunette base with speckles of lighter accents throughout to keep it fresh for the fall,” he says.

6. Auburn Coppers

“Red has been hot lately and will remain hot into the fall months. However, we’re leaning into the more natural-looking hues for the season ahead. Rich auburn with pops of copper throughout is the way to go, which is what we did with Phoebe Dynevor recently to make her strands glow,” shares Mowen.

And the one hair trend that’s official out this fall: The Blonde Money Piece

“The blonde money piece highlights are fading out of style. For so long, the trend was heavily gradated blondes, bleached out ends and chunky money piece highlights, but now many of my clients are embracing a more natural look,” says Hazelton. “As we head into fall, I’m seeing a lot of my naturally brunette clients embrace their dark, glossy hair a la Hailey Bieber,” she adds.

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