Is ‘Cwtch' the New Hygge? (Also, How the Hell Do You Pronounce It?)

cwtch new hygge 728

The Danish lifestyle craze of hygge took the world by storm in 2016. And in the years since? Well, it feels like every cold, dark country (see: Sweden with lagomScotland with còsagachis trying to rebrand their crappy weather as a lifestyle trend. 

Needless to say, when Visit Wales emailed me proclaiming the Welsh cwtch as "the new hygge," I had my reservations. But after reading up on it, I soon realized it's kind of the greatest thing ever. Why? Because it basically IS hygge—but specifically for your home. 

cwtch (pronunciation: kutch) is in essence a small and cozy space meant for cuddling up in. (The Welsh root of the word is 'cubbyhole'.) Think: A den corner turned cushy-cozy reading nook; a canopy bed piled in exorbitant amounts of pillows). Applied in the broader sense, it's really just the art of crafting intimacy-invoking, snuggle-ready spaces in your home—which ties into cwtch's equally adorable double meaning: it can also refer to a giant hug. Dawww. 

Hugs and cuddles? Best philosophy ever. 


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From 2014-2019 Grace Beuley Hunt held the role of Home Editor covering interior design, styling, trends and more.