Back to the Office? This Fun Cubicle Decor Can Smooth the Transition

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Cubicles have a certain reputation: bland, generic…borderline soul-sucking (particularly if your workplace resembles Milton’s in Office Space). But it doesn’t have to be that way—something we’ve all come to realize.

Searches for “cubicle décor” and “how to decorate your cubicle” have been skyrocketing in recent weeks, suggesting that whether you’re just getting back to the office or simply need a change of scenery, we’re all looking for ways to liven things up. Well, look no further: We’ve got 19 ideas to bring a little joy to your workspace.

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1. wallpaper Over All That Greige

Staring at that wide expanse of gray, stiffly padded cubicle fabric is…gloomy. The fastest way to spruce things up is with removable wallpaper. If you can’t get away with peel-and-stick (see: aforementioned padded cube walls), you can buy any wallpaper and use T-pins or push pins to secure it in place.

2. get Playful With Your Push Pins

Instead of a mishmash of random push pins hastily tacked to your walls, streamline your aesthetic with a uniform set. While you’re at it, you might as well choose something that charms you, like this 24-pack of gold and amber bees.

cubicle decor acrylic board2

3. create A Chic Spot To Jot Down Stray Thoughts

Basic whiteboard? We don’t know her.

cubicle decor lamp2

4. add Some Mood-boosting Lighting

A 2,000-person study found that “access to daylight” was a critical factor in boosting employees’ happiness. You may not have much control over where you sit, but you can invest in a light therapy lamp to improve the brightness in your space. This sleek design comes in champagne gold or matte white, and it has three adjustable brightness levels.

cubicle decor ring light2

5. and Some “damn, I Look Good Today” Lighting

This clip-on ring light is the secret to looking glowy on Zoom calls, and it hardly takes up any space.

cubicle decor plant

6. put A Plant On It

Succulents and pothos make for great, low-maintenance desk plants, but if you truly struggle to keep greenery alive, it’s time to try a realistic fake.

BUY IT ($10)

cubicle decor pens1
open spaces

7. find A Place To Rest Your Rings & Things

These modern nesting trays provide a spot to set your drink down, corral pens and store your jewelry (should you realize three hours into the day that those heavy dangly earrings were a bit too much to endure for eight hours straight).

cubicle decor adjustable shelf3

8. organize Your Area With A Desktop Bookshelf

Nearly two-thirds of people feel they’re negatively impacted by clutter, according to a National Business Furniture survey (and everyone you know who’s ever felt disorganized). Clean up your act—and make use of whatever vertical space you have—with this adjustable desktop bookshelf.

cubicle decor cords2

9. clean Up Your Cables

Keep that mess of charger cables tangle-free with a few discreet leaf ties. This 12-pack should get the job done, no matter how many gadgets you have.

cubicle decor fabric panel clips1

10. hang Things Easier With Fabric Panel Wall Clips

If you have the classic upholstered walls most cubicles possess, you know that hanging things up isn’t always so easy. Some push pins pop right off, and adhesive strips don’t always work either. That’s where these pin clips come in: They can hold papers, frames, even a hanger with a coat on it—as long as it clocks in at 4.4 pounds or less.

cubicle decor frame1

11. frame Your Fam

That vacation photo that reminds you of the blissful 20 minutes when your kids put down the screens, stopped fighting and you all frolicked in the sand deserves special treatment, like this showstopping frame.

cubicle decor basket2

12. corral Clutter With An Under-desk Basket

There are some essentials you tend to leave at work…and turn into an avalanche of stuff under your desk. Keep that change of shoes, umbrella and tote bag secure in a basket, so you’re not tripping out of your chair later.

cubicle decor monitor stand2

13. give Your Monitor A Boost

This minimalist riser helps keep the top third of your monitor screen at eye level, so you’re not straining your neck as you work. But, what’s more, it provides a spot to stow notebooks and other frequently grabbed items.

cubicle decor drippy cup2
The Winkel

14. switch Up Your Pen Holster

A sculptural pen holster that doubles as art? That’s actually a mug? Talk about a triple threat.

cubicle decor letter box1

15. create A “pending Box”

One of Marie Kondo’s top strategies for staying productive is having a “pending box” on her desk, where she stores papers and reminders. It serves as a to-do list that she can rifle through as she goes about her day, and well, if it works for organizing guru, we’re down to try it.

cubicle decor office supplies2

16. level Up Your Office Supplies

A few coordinated pops of color can make your desk feel like a more cohesive, stylish space. And this set of pens, pen cup, stapler, tape dispenser and desk tray comes in eight fun hues, so you can choose the color that best suits your aesthetic.

cubicle decor cell phone stand1
uncommon goods

17. set Up A Perch For Your Cell Phone

Even during the workday, let’s be honest: Your cell’s always within arm’s reach. This holster keeps you from losing it under a pile of papers and doubles as a vase.

cubicle decor seat cushion2
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18. upgrade Your Seat

Office chairs aren’t always the comfiest, but that doesn’t mean you should order a whole new chair. The Purple Gel Cushion makes even the stiffest seat feel plush, making it well worth the investment.

cubicle decor papier planner

19. pick Out A Planner That Inspires You

Out of all the planners we’ve tried—and we’ve tried a ton—there’s none we’ve enjoyed using more than Papier’s Daily Planner. You can customize the cover, adding your name and choosing from several different designs, and in addition to having decent space to jot down the day’s schedule, to-do’s and priority tasks, there’s an area to set three major goals for the year ahead, with monthly check-ins to chart your progress. Plus, the hardcover books are so pretty you can’t wait to display them.

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