How to Rid Your Home of Toxic Ex (or Old Roommate) Energy

Maybe you lived with a sketchy roommate and finally summoned the nerve to kick him out. Maybe you recently separated from your live-in partner and her presence still lingers like a sad ghost. Whatever the case, it’s time to hit the refresh button and reprogram your home. We checked in with feng shui and wellness expert Bryce Kennedy for five key steps to chasing away a person’s toxic energy. 

How to Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy

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Before anything else, Kennedy insists on cleansing the mind. “If you are truly ready to move on, do this meditation: Sit in the middle of your bedroom, close your eyes. Begin to sink into your breath. Feel your body settle. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the room. Then of the home. Think of the good times and the bad times and then imagine all the energy from your former inhabitant. See it in a different color from yours: Where they sat, where they ate, where they got dressed. Let it begin to lift off and up into the sun. All energy from every nook and cranny, gone. Then you are ready to begin.”

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Wipe The Walls

Next up? The symbolic act of literally cleansing the walls of your home: “Water, rose water, vinegar water—wipe the walls down,” says Kennedy. “It’s important to do this during the day-time, not at night. Do it when you feel healthiest, play music that inspires you and after you are done, take a shower and change your clothes. This moves some heavy, heavy energy and will significantly help the restart.”

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Add Crystals

Kennedy is also a huge proponent of decorating with healing crystals for their beauty and professed healing properties. “Some believe [crystals] have certain properties that influence a space. Rose quartz has a high vibration and creates a warm holding space for new love to be brought in. Selenite can help you connect to higher aspects of yourself. Malachite helps us remember we are held by mother earth and that we are taken care of. Go to a crystal shop and see what you are guided by and pick out a few for your home.”

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Add Plants

No home recharge is complete without the magic of houseplants. “Plants are rockstars of transformation,” says Kennedy. “They do not mess around. They bring in oxygen, purify the air, cut old energy and bring new life into the home. Surround your home with plants!”

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Sage Smudge

Lastly, treat your house to a round of sage smudging, which Kennedy describes as “the restart button itself.” “Sage is a magical plant that, when burned will clear away bad juju,” he says. “Get a stick of sage, open up all windows, ground down through your feet, light the sage, set an intention and go. Walk clockwise through the home while stating your intention for the new space: i.e., new love, great sex, rest and relaxation, healing, whatever it is and let it intertwine with your heart.”


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