How to Use Healing Crystals (If You’re Into That Kind of Thing)

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Whether you have zero qualms about choosing a crystal based on your star sign or think it’s a load of hooey, there’s no denying that these pretty stones are ultra trendy right now (Miranda Kerr, Kylie Jenner and the Olsen twins are fans, to name a few). And while we’re not exactly sold on their ability to heal, we have to admit that we’re curious to learn more about these buzzy stones. Here’s how and where to use them (if you’re so inclined).

Wait, what are healing crystals? In short, crystals are ancient stones (we’re talking millions of years old) that are believed to promote physical, mental or spiritual well-being. “Crystals are one of nature's many works of art, formed from liquid magma and pressure over lengthy periods of time,” explains Maha Rose healer Luke Simon. “These gems have been used by many cultures historically for their ability to positively affect the human mind-body-energy field.”

And how are they supposed to work? “Crystals hold vibrational qualities that match the same vibrations present in our thoughts, feelings and bodies,” says healing practitioner Jissel Ravelo of Vibra Wellness. Crystals amplify the energy we already have in our bodies “to charge yourself in a specific area of life.” So let’s say that your love life could use a helping hand. Proponents believe that the right crystal (like rose quartz) could help you feel more confident or adopt a more loving outlook, thereby improving your prospects.

But does it work? Here’s the thing: There’s zero scientific evidence that healing crystals actually heal. But just thinking that they have therapeutic properties can be very powerful (aka the placebo effect). Case in point: Adele attributed her sub-par 2016 Grammy performance to losing her beloved collection. (Serious question: Is there a crystal that will make us sing like Adele?)

OK, I’m into it. I bought a crystal. Now what? Set an intention to amplify the stone’s power. For example, hold aventurine (the stone of money) in your hands and think, “I invite this crystal to assist with my career and help me find more opportunities at work.” Then wait for the crystal’s healing energy to flow into your body and mind while flushing out any negativity. Exactly how long you’ll have to wait for the crystal to work its magic is kind of unclear, but according to Ravelo, changes may be subtle but positive. She also told us that the more you believe in the stone’s abilities, then the more likely you are to see results.

Where should I put my crystal? Once you’ve chosen your crystal, where you use it is a matter of personal preference. Wear your stone as jewelry, tuck one into your bra (yes, really) or carry it around in your bag. You can also place crystals around the house, depending on what you need. Simon keeps amethyst (“a great stone to calm down the mind and for focus”) on his desk, while Ravelo uses crystals to enhance her yoga and meditation practice.

Bottom line: Even if you don’t believe that these sparkly gems will help you find your soulmate or get that promotion, they sure do look beautiful on your nightstand (and in your Insta-feed).

What’s the Deal with Crystals (and Can They Actually Heal You)?

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