‘Bridgerton’-Style Gardens Are Trending—Here's How to Get the Look in Your Yard

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So you’ve just finished binging Season 2 of Bridgerton and all you can think about are those dreamy, draped-in-wisteria gardens. Join the club. The Shondaland series has become a global phenomenon, and a recent Yardzen report revealed that searches for English cottage gardens have skyrocketed 100 percent since 2020. So how do you replicate the whimsical greenery you’ve seen on screen? We gotcha covered. Read on for four ways to create your very own Bridgerton-inspired garden.

5 Bridgerton-Inspired Trends We're Wearing This Summer

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If you’re a fan of the show, we probably don’t have to tell you that drooping, whimsical wisteria is at the forefront of this look. Yet, pretty and purple as it may be, these blooms are somewhat difficult to maintain year-round. “Wisteria can be seasonally sensitive, so you can try these flowers instead–lilac, lavender and buddlia are all lovely options,” Luke Dejahang, gardening expert and CEO of Crown Pavilions told Luxury Lifestyle Magazine.

And what about, well, everything else? The goal is to mix and match as many bold-colored florals as posisble. “While hollyhock, cosmos, and foxgloves are common in English cottage gardens, gardens stateside feature regional pollinator-friendly species, many with broad native ranges,” explains Kendra Poppy, growth marketing leader at “For immediate color, quick-blooming flowers, [California poppies] make for a solid intro act for gardens throughout the West.”

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If there’s one thing every Bridgerton-inspired garden needs, it’s a sophisticated fountain centerpiece. Not only are garden fountains a Regencycore staple, but the sanctuary-esque sounds of flowing water can bring a calming sense of oasis to your outdoor space. “They don’t need to be grand to be noteworthy. Creating a small, circular pond with a single tier, regency-style stone fountain will bring a touch of serenity and elegance to any garden,” says Dejahang. For this look, you’ll want to stay more traditional with stone materials and hand-carved accents. And if you have the square footage, we recommend going all out with a large, triple-tiered fountain that can make a statement.

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Yet another staple of Bridgerton’s gardens? Neatly kept topiaries. These shrubs are a key feature of this look where they can be used to section off different areas of your outdoor space (read: petscaping). And while you can sculpt them into various geometrical shapes and sizes, you want to make sure your topiary has clean lines. Dejahang says, “cones and balls are two of the easiest shapes to create and maintain.” We guarantee, nothing will ruin your regency aesthetic quicker than an unkempt shrub.

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Next, you want to add a luxury pergola or gazebo with climbing florals and vines. And if you’re searching for a finish that’ll stand the test of time, Dejahang recommends going with timber ones. As for the greenery, you can use anything from Cyprus vines and Virginia creepers to clematis and hyacinth bean. Just be sure that you’re selecting eye-catching florals that will pop against your pergola’s natural wood.

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