6 Non-Lame Bridal Shower Ideas That Will Still Please a Crowd

These are not your grandma’s party games

There it is: The dreaded bridal shower invite. In theory, it should be totally great. (Come on, what’s not to love about sipping mimosas and eating tiny sandwiches on a Saturday with your favorite gals?) But somehow, it can skew a little boring—and lame. Here, six creative ways to liven things up. 

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bridal shower game

Play A Bridal Round Of “two Truths And A Lie”

You know the drill: Each person shares three statements about themselves, then everyone else in the room has to guess which one isn’t true. But here’s the bridal shower upgrade: All three statements have to be about the bride. Seriously, it’s the ultimate icebreaker—and a hilarious way to trade funny stories from the early (aka pre-engaged) days of the bride.

bridal shower recipe cards
Rifle Paper Co.

Have Guests Jot Down “recipe” Cards

Not recipes for food, but recipes for a healthy marriage. All you need are recipe cards (like these cute ones from Rifle Paper Co.) and pens. Guests will have fun imparting their sage—and LOL-worthy—wisdom and the bride will love pouring over the advice from family members and friends in the years to come.

Encourage Guests To Bring Gifts Unwrapped

Here’s why: A) Everyone saves on the cost of paper; and B) You’re sparing the crowd from painfully sitting in silence as gift after gift gets opened up. This way, you can give appropriate in-person thanks, but spare everyone in the room an hour of oohing and ahhing over your spiffy new silverware settings—or baking sheets. But if you’re dying for some embellishment, throw on an oversized bow.

bridal shower calligraphy

Hire An Expert To Teach A Fun (and On-theme) Class

Flower arranging. Calligraphy. Cocktail mixing. These are just a few wedding-related—and life—skills that would be fascinating to learn. Instead of a bridal shower “game,” why not host a bridal shower workshop where the conversation (and mimosas) can flow, but guests can simultaneously get creative and learn something new? It’s as simple as calling local vendors, like your fave florist, to see if it’s something they offer and how much they would charge for their expertise/supplies.

bridal shower snapchat

Create Your Own Snapchat Filter

It’s the new photobooth. For a cool $5, you can upload your own design and turn it into a geofilter so that guests can snap and share. It’s a fun way to document everything from the day. (Just be sure your guests save their story to their camera roll when they’re done.) 

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bridal shower lights

Host The Party At Night

Evening ambiance (aka globe lights) can go a long way when it comes to lightening the mood. Plus, guests will feel much more inclined to kick back, relax and drink all the wine. Keep the cost down by serving food that can feed a crowd

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