The 21 Best True Crime Gifts for the Crime Junkie Who Loves a Good Thrill

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The true crime junkie in our lives (ahem, it’s me, hi) can list off serial killers quicker than dead presidents.  Whether they love the gory details of a crime novel or respond to the words “Hi, Crime Junkies…” like Pavlov’s dogs, they’re sure to revel in a gift revolving around their favorite genre. As a true crime junkie, myself, I can tell you the best gift in the world would be our partner sharing the same affinity for all the brutal details, but if they won’t sit down for Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, we’d definitely settle to receive one of the 21 gifts below.

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Best Mystery Game Subscription

1. HuntAKiller Membership


For the excessively obsessed, they’ll be able to immerse themselves into complex new clues every month to ultimately solve at the end of six months. The brand describes this as an “escape room delivered to your door every month.” Memberships range from one to 12 months and 

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Best Puzzle Book

2. “Brain Games: Criminal Mind Puzzles”

Brain Games

This book is filled with 120 thrilling puzzles they’ll be able to study and solve. It includes crime scene photos, quizzes and more to really test their detective skills. While we all can’t be Olivia Benson or Spencer Reid, we sure can pretend.

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Best for the Paranoid True Crime Junkie

3. Master Lock Door Security Bar

Master Lock

They may be addicted to true crime accounts like Ted Bundy or Ed Kemper, but that doesn’t mean they’ll sleep peacefully after a bone-chilling podcast episode. This security bar slides right under a door handle to offer traction with the floor to ensure extra safety lock-pickers can’t beat. It’s adjustable in height and easy to travel with because it collapses and fits into a suitcase without trouble (yes, I take mine with me everywhere).

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Best True Crime Merch

4. CrookedandStraight Luminol Sweatshirt


Real wannabe investigators know the importance of luminol testing at a crime scene. While this shirt may be an inside joke to true crime junkies, that’s half the fun. It’s available in four colors, too. “I love it! This quality sweatshirt is so soft and warm. The design looks much better in person; the [antique] look of the font is perfect,” reports one customer.

Size range: S to 5XL

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Best for the Dateline Obsessed

5. Southern Sociable Dateline Candle

Southern Sociable

If Keith Morrison is your true crime crush, this candle is a great fit in your home. It may say on the label it smells like “my weird obsession with murder,” but you can pick from nine scents and burn it while you indulge in your next Dateline episode.

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Best for the Fashionable Crime Junkie

6. MapleandHen True Crime Sweatshirt


True crime but make it cute. When you think about crime-based merch, you’d probably expect to see blood spatters and pictures of infamous serial killers plastered on everything. This sweatshirt is definitely a cute alternative to gore. It comes in three colors.

Size range: S to 5XL

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Best for the Podcast Obsessed

7. Bose QuietComfortNoise Cancelling Headphones


Are they playing Crime Junkie, Morbid, Serial or any other podcasts whenever they get the chance? Gift them a good and comfortable set of headphones so you don’t have to listen

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Best for the One Who Pushes Their Obsession On Everyone Else

8. FreshlyMidwestCo True Crime Doormat


This adorable welcome doormat lets everyone know what they’re getting themselves into. In our house, we chat about the things we would’ve done differently in the pathetic Jeffrey Dahmer investigation, rant about why in God’s name Peacock offered Casey Anthony a platform in her new doc and all of the other details regular civilians just don’t get.

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Made In

Best for the Wine Lover

9. Made-In the Wine Glass Set

Made In

Wine and true crime go hand and hand. From Morbid and Crime Junkie podcasts to Dateline and Making a Murderer, a glass of wine makes it even more enjoyable. This set comes with eight glasses that are designed to enhance the flavors of your bottle.

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Best for the Fiction Book Lover

10. “The Book of Cold Cases” by Simone St. James


This book follows the life of receptionist Shea Collins who also runs a true crime blog. She gets a rare opportunity to interview an acquitted killer in her home, which ends up adding much more thrill to the mystery. Hooked? Same here.

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Best for the Runner

11. She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

She's Birdie

If the crime lover in your life is also a runner, odds are they’re listening to a podcast detailing the horrifying events that took place on a solo run. I carry one of these with me when I run and it makes me feel safer because if anything were to happen, I’d be able to pull the pin to activate the piercingly loud alarm and bright strobe (to draw attention at night).

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Best for the One Who Wants Extra Protection

12. SimpliSafe Home Security System


No more wondering if that noise downstairs is the elusive Smiley Face Killer because this alarm system can alert you to activity if anyone gets within 30 feet of the motion sensor. It has a 90-degree field view to detect movement and capture any unusual activity on camera.

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Best for the Wannabe Detective

13. Unsolved Case Files: Cold Case Murder Mystery Game


I 100 percent added this game to my wish list this year, and if your true crime/mystery lover is anything like me, they’re going to love acting as a detective on their own instead of trying to predict the outcome of a murder that’s already happened. They’ll be able to act as a cold case detective to analyze evidence from start to finish to determine whodunit.

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Best For those Captivated by Cold Cases

14. RekindleStudioLtd Unsolved Mysteries Desk Calendar


Each month, they can flip to a new page revealing a new summary of an unsolved crime. While this may distract her from her lengthy to-do list, she’ll at least have fun while procrastinating. 

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Best Book for The One Who Likes Drama and Thrill

15. “If You Tell” by Gregg Olsen


This book recounts the days that three sisters spent abused and tortured by their own mother. It’s said to be gut-wrenching and tender, plus, it has nearly 40,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

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Best for the Crime Junkie That Needs to Know More

16. “The Ultimate Serial Killer Trivia Book” by Jack Rosewood


184 pages of facts and details of crimes and criminals for a leisurely read? Coming right up. This book gets into the nitty gritty about studies and interviews as to why serial killers do what they do. 

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Best Novelty Gift

17. TrueCrimeGifts Bingo Mug


Does your crime junkie know all of the terms on this mug? Well, as soon as she opens up this gift, I’m sure she will give you an in-depth description of each one (you’re welcome).

Screen Shot 2022 12 07 at 9.59.32 AM

Best for the Romantic Crime Junkie

18. PerfectMatchShop True Crime Candle


I can’t think of a sweeter sentiment than an adorable poem relating to blood and the reminder that she knows an obscene number of criminal cases that it’s almost a little scary. There are a whopping 18 scents to choose from, too.

Screen Shot 2022 12 07 at 10.01.20 AM

Best for the One Who Always Forgets to Lock the Door

19. Timbermade Shop Lock Your Fucking Door Keychain

Timbermade Shop

A gentle reminder to your loved one who seems to forget to take the most basic of safety precautions. This cute, motel room-inspired keychain will make sure they always remember to lock up.

Screen Shot 2022 12 07 at 10.03.02 AM
Uncommon Goods

Best For the One Who Likes a Challenge

20. Uncommon Goods Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Uncommon Goods

The puzzle comes with a story about the crime with preliminary clues to give you an idea of what you’ll see as you piece together the puzzle. As they put together this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, they’ll be able to piece together clues at the same time. Once they finish, they can solve the crime for a satisfying day’s work.

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Best for The One Who Likes a Cozy Thrill

21. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket

Barefoot Dreams

After they fill up their wine glass and plop down on the couch, they can cozy up with a mysterious book under this famously soft and warm blanket to unwind for the day. Trust me, this is a fool-proof gift.

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