These Are the Best Portable Fans to Cool You Down During Any Occasion

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Portable fans are a handy resource for any occasion. Need some air while waiting for the subway? Pull out your foldable fan from your purse. Getting a little too hot during your jog? Grab the handheld fan from your pocket. We sifted through the different types, sizes and brands of portable fans to find the best ones based on activity, power, weight and easy design for transport.

Whether you’re overheating on your daily bike rides or need a desk fan when your coworkers set the thermostat too high in the office, we’ve got you covered with the best portable fans to keep you cool when you're just way too hot.

What to look for in a portable fan

While you shop for the portable fan that's right for you, it's important to consider a few things before you hit "purchase:"

  • What size do I need?
  • Is it battery operated, rechargeable or plug-in?
  • What activity will you be using it for?

If you are grabbing a fan for your outdoor workouts, you'll probably want to consider a slim handheld fan that you can stick in your pocket or fanny pack for easy access. Since you'll be using it for short periods of time through the week, battery operated and rechargeable options are the way to go. If you're grabbing one to bring with you around the house for some extra airflow, grab one with a cord that oscillates so you can cover more surface area.

best overall

1. yodetey Air Conditioner Mini Refrigeration Spray Fan

Best Overall

This adorable mini fan blows cold air thanks to the water-based cooling system. Add some H20 in the tank and feel a nice cool breeze in the hottest places in just seconds.

best for biking

2. jisulife Portable Neck Fan

Best for Biking

A rechargeable neck fan is just what you need for your outdoor bike ride. We love that we don’t have to worry about hair getting caught because of the bladeless design. The air slits along the device wrap around to reach your full head and neck for an optimized cooling experience.

best handheld

3. aluan Handheld Mini Fan

Most Lightweight

This small one weighs a mere two ounces and comes in at about one inch thick and nearly five inches tall to easily slide in your pocket or bag. It has a small but mighty motor to give you powerful airflow and has adjustable speed settings based on what you need. Whether you’re waiting in line at the non-air-conditioned DMV or are at a picnic in the park with friends, this little guy will chase away any sight of sweating.

best for strollers

4. wihoo Mini Handheld Stroller Fan

Best for Strollers

Wrap the flexible tripod onto your baby’s stroller bar to ensure extra coolness while they’re tucked in their seat. Either pop in some batteries or charge it with its USB cord to get up to 15 hours of power. And don’t worry, your kiddos won’t be able to slide their little fingers in the slots.

misting fan

5. o2cool Elite Handheld Misting Fan

Best Misting Fan

Fill this one up with some water to spritz on you for the extra hot days when a fan just isn’t cutting it. It’s battery powered and super lightweight so it’s easy to hold and transport. If you’re wanting even more of a chill, add some ice to the bottle to keep the water cold.

best for running1

6. jisulife Pocket Handheld Fan

Best for Running

We love this one for running because it's only four ounces, has two speeds and slips easily in and out of your legging pockets whenever you need a quick break. Charge this one with its USB cord and if you’re walking, slip the safety strap around your wrist for easier access.


7. Honeywell On-the-go Personal Fan

Best Foldable Fan

This portable fan has a handle that can fold into a stand and can reach up to three feet of air circulation. It would best suit someone who gets hot easily and needs optimal airflow. The foldable handle makes it great for desks, kitchen counters, coffee tables and more.

amazon basics

8. Amazon Basics Three-speed Small Room Air Circulator

Best for Air Circulation

Coming in at only seven inches, this tiny fan has a strong, adjustable three-speed motor that helps circulate the airflow in small rooms. Put this in a dorm room, office or any other small space to help cool it down and eliminate the mugginess. Plug it in at the nearest outlet and feel the results in minutes.


9. Skygenius Clip On Mini Desk Fan

Best for the Office

Clip this fan onto your desk and adjust it however you like to cool you off for hours thanks to the rechargeable battery. This one can hang onto the side of your desk by the clip or sit flat on its non-stick mat. The fan has 360-degree vertical rotation and weighs only about ten ounces.

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