The 12 Best Flowers to Pick in August

Spring may get the lion’s share of the glory when it comes to sheer floral abundance, but late summer produces some of the year’s most gorgeous bouquets. For inspiration, we asked our friends at Monrovia to share a dozen peak-season blooms that look as great on your kitchen table as they do in your garden.

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Baby Joe Dwarf Pye Weed

Don’t let the word “weed” deter you: The mauve, nubby flower heads and long stems of this perennial make it great for adding texture along the border of informal bouquets.

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Seaside Serenade Bar Harbor Hydrangea

Hydrangea’s lush, dense clusters are a summer staple, and this compact variety boasts big, lacy white flowers on sturdy stems ideal for cutting. Pair them with late roses for maximum romance.

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Pretty Petticoat Beardtongue

Beardtongue’s spikes of flashy blooms are a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds in the summer. Indoors, they look great in vases paired with other cottage flowers like black-eyed Susans.

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Plumetastic Pink Muhly Grass

Dreamy, feathery, cloudlike: The pinky-purple mass of this perennial lives up to its moniker. Add to cut flower arrangements for an extra dose of the ethereal.

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Cosmic Pink Swirl Dianthus

Bright-pink candy-cane stripes meet a spicy-sweet fragrance reminiscent of clove in these heirloom-style cousins of the carnation. Let the striking petals speak for themselves when tightly packed together in a modern vase.

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Inticancha Dark Purple Lily

Already yearning for fall’s moodier color palette? Throw a few of these deep-plum Peruvian lilies in water (they have a lengthy vase life) alongside a few roses.

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Snowdrop Anemone

The cheery, yellow-centered perennial thrives all summer long, even in the shade, and looks great in an arrangement with silvery artemisia.

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Thriller Lady’s Mantle

Tiny lemon-yellow blossoms and distinctively shaped leaves make this creeping plant a popular choice for the border of flower beds or walkways, but they add an equally fresh burst when piled into a vase.

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Abbey Road Masterwort

With a charming pincushion shape (comprising a dome of mini florets atop a collar of upturned petals), this cultivar looks great in a mixed bouquet with summer annuals.

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Britt Marie Crawford Ligularia

The golden, daisy-esque blossoms and dark maroon foliage of this plant in the sunflower family add contrast and drama to late-summer arrangements.

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Red Fox Spike Speedwell

These upright blooms of the Veronica genus are characterized by their deep rose color. Use them to add an elegant vertical note in combination with any other flower on this list. (Mix and match, friends.)

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Big Bang Cosmic Eye Tickseed

A native wildflower to much of North America, coreopsis retains its hardy, easy-growing nature as a garden choice. This distinctive two-toned hybrid complements blues and purples especially well.